Sunny Boy storage 5.0 SBS5.0-10


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The Sunny Boy Storage is an inverter charger to AC coupling for the operation of the network in parallel and the mode of operation in remote site.

Turn it the Sunny Boy Storage DC of batteries in alternating current in line with that of the network.

With a battery and a compatible power meter, the Sunny Boy Storage forms a system at theself-consumption (Flexible Storage System) or emergency power system When combined with a compatible transfer auto switch.

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Sunny Boy storage 5.0

Solar energy storage

Possibility to add an extra battery later according to the needs


  • Ideal application for installations connected to the network
  • Possibility to connect up to three batteries high voltage
  • Secure Power Supply built-in backup function
  • Fully automated back-up feature for the power supply of the House (in option)
  • Benefit formula integrated SMA Smart Connected to an automated UPS battery monitoring



Flexible design



Solar electricity today, tomorrow and beyond, for optimal nutrition

A photovoltaic installation equipped with a proper storage system is as individual as the consumption of electricity and the home of those who use it.

Whatever the need - family which grows, the electric car to recharge or garage that you want to turn into a workshop - the connection of up to three batteries high voltage can supply all consumer devices with a solar electricity, whether the sun shines or not.


New installation: photovoltaic system with storage system


New installation: photovoltaic system with storage system

A storage system makes independent users of traditional electricity distributors and rising energy costs. The technology high voltage, equipped with Sunny Boy Storage storage systems are particularly effective and simple to install.



 Modernization: photovoltaic system with storage system


 Modernization: photovoltaic system with storage system

In order to increase the amount of self-produced solar energy used in the home, the existing PV can be transformed with the integration of complete storage system by adding just a few components additional. The operator reduced the amount of electricity that it takes on the network and thus decreases the amount of its electricity bill.


Extension: adapt a storage system needs



Extension: adapt a storage system needs

Multi-string technology allows to connect high voltage to the Sunny Boy Storage at any time up to three batteries. The operator can gradually expand its storage system in order to adapt it to their specific needs.



Easy to use


Easy to use

A modern communication for immediate commissioning


  • Easy installation
  • Fast commissioning thanks to the on-Board Web interface
  • Information continues thanks to the direct connection to Sunny Portal/Sunny Places
  • Web UI: a modern communication for immediate commissioning



Reliable energy supply

Reliable energy supply

Reliable energy supply, even in the event of failure of the network


  • The built-in Secure Power Supply backup power function feeds different electrical devices manually from the battery, even in the event of network failure
  • An automatic optional transfer switch can be added to a full population of the focus on the three line conductors from the battery and photovoltaic installation in case of network failure
  • A maximum power of 8 kW emergency power mode is sufficient to supply all common electrical appliances
  • Warranty 10 years


Its high IP65 protection class allows him to brave the harshest environmental conditions and to also be installed outdoors.


Icon: guaranteed


Investment security guaranteed


With SMA Smart Connected, SMA is the first manufacturer to offer a monitoring free and automatic inverter with battery which allows the installer to ensure fast and targeted services to its customer. ADM informed proactively the facility owner or installer of any malfunction of the device. The time of diagnosis and downtime are thus minimized, all to the benefit of operators of installations and installers. If the UPS battery replacement is necessary, ADM ships ups to exchange free of charge and as soon as possible.



SMA Smart Connected - operation


Icon: SMA Smart Connected


Activation of SMA Smart Connected

As an installer, you enable SMA Smart Connected during the recording of the installation on Sunny Portal and this starts automatic monitoring of battery by SMA inverters.


Automatic monitoring of battery inverters

SMA checks automatic and permanent of the inverter to the battery in order to detect operating problems. You and your client take advantage of the experience of longtime ADM.


Proactive communication

After having diagnosed and analyzed a mistake, ADM immediately informs the installer and the customer by e-mail. All parties are thus prepared for the correction of errors, which minimizes downtime and saves time and money. In addition, regular performance reports provide valuable information on the overall system.



Alternative service

If a device needs to be replaced, ADM automatically book a new inverter battery within a period of 1 to 3 days after the diagnosis of error. As your Installer, you can thus anticipate the owner's request and proceed with the replacement of the unit.




Service performance

If the replacement unit cannot be delivered within a period of 3 days, the owner of the facility is entitled to seek compensation on behalf of ADM.
SMA Smart Connected is available in at the, AT, BE, CH, are, en, IT, LU, NL, UK



Perfectly compatible storage solution


As part of the solution Solutions residential SMA Sunny Boy Storage temporarily stores energy from the PV in battery. In association with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0, the home energy flows can be managed intelligently and the reduced electricity bill. The use of solar electricity is thus possible 24 hours a day.


Perfectly compatible storage solution



• 1:Photovoltaic inverter 

• 2:Inverter Charger Sunny Boy Storage

• 3:Battery bank

• 4: Smart energy Manager 

• 5: Monitoring of photovoltaic systems 




Technical characteristics


Connection AC

 SBS3.7 - 10SBS5.0 - 10 SBS6.0 - 10
Rated at 230 V, 50 Hz power3680 W5000 W6000 W
Rated voltage AC230 V230 V230 V
AC voltage range *.172.5 264,5 V v172.5 264,5 V v172.5 264,5 V v
Current nominal AC to 220V16.7 A22.7 A26 A.
Current nominal 230 V AC16ASBS3.7 - 1026 A.
Current nominal 240 V AC15.3 A20.8 A25A
Current maximum AC mode rescue20A / 1 min28 A / 1 min32A / 1 min
AC current harmonic distortion rate< 4%< 4%< 4%
Maximum output current in case of malfunction198 Apeak198 Apeak198 Apeak
Inrush current18.5 A18.5 A18.5 A
Rated network frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
AC network frequency *.50 Hz / 60 Hz50 Hz50 Hz / 60 Hz
Working at a frequency of 50 Hz AC network45 Hz to 55 Hz45 Hz to 55 Hz45 Hz to 55 Hz
Working at a frequency of 60 Hz AC network55 Hz to 65 Hz55 Hz to 65 Hz55 Hz to 65 Hz
Power at rated power factor111
Cos φ, adjustable phase shift factor0,8 inductive 1 to 0.8 capacitive0,8 inductive 1 to 0.8 capacitive0,8 inductive 1 to 0.8 capacitive
Phases of injection111
Connection phases111
Overvoltage according to IEC 60664-1 categoryIIIIIIIII
* Based on the game of regional data set

DC battery input

 SBS3.7 - 10SBS5.0 - 10SBS6.0 - 10
Maximum DC voltage600 V600 V600 V
Voltage range *.100 v to 550 V100 v to 550 V100 v to 550 V
Rated DC voltage360 V360 V360 V
Maximum DC current by entry10A10A10A
Number of DC inputs333
Maximum short-circuit current40A40A40A
Battery type *.Li - IonLi - IonLi - Ion
Overvoltage according to IEC 60664-1 categoryIIIIIIIII

AC, power backup mode output

Maximum AC power3680 W " "
Rated voltage AC230 V " "
Maximum output current16A " "
Minimum load1 W " "


Charge power20A
Weight26 kg
Width535 mm
Height730 mm
Thickness198 mm