Samsung FJM R32 outdoor unit from 4kW to 10kW


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One outdoor unit, several indoor units


When you want to heat or cool multiple spaces, Samsung's Free Joint Multi system offers you the perfect solution. With a single outdoor unit and up to 5 interior units, this ultra-silent system easily creates a perfect indoor climate. You also have a lot of freedom to choose models and abilities.
Its modulating capacity regulation makes the Free Joint Multi an extremely economical system.


Samsung's compact Free Joint Multi system offers you the perfect solution when you want to heat or cool multiple rooms, such as your living room and bedroom, or a closet, waiting room or office.
Depending on the occupancy in the different rooms, you can turn on the number of interior units you want. The modulating capacity regulation allocates proportionally the available capacity between the activated units.
The big advantage is that you only heat or cool the parts you use. An energy-efficient solution!

Your benefits in a nutshell


Heating, cooling and dehumiding with a single system
Up to a maximum of 5 indoor units for an outdoor unit
Freedom of choice of the type of inner unit
Heating very low energy and fast
Capacity regulation, up to 170% simultaneous

Optimal comfort all year round

Samsung's Free Joint Multi system, equipped with a heat pump, can heat and cool the room very quickly, using little energy. Therefore, with a Samsung heat pump, you can enjoy a pleasant indoor temperature in all seasons, while making considerable savings on your energy bill!

Fast heating

The big advantage of heating with an air heat pump is that the desired temperature is quickly reached. Indeed, the hot air blown into the room ensures a quick and comfortable heating. When the system is turned off, the residual heat is virtually zero and the room cools relatively quickly.
This is the ideal system for a room for example, where locals want to study warm but sleep in a cool place. Get advice from your installer to find out what's the best solution for your situation.

Several models of interior units

With the Free Joint Multi system, you can choose from several interior units. Placed high on the wall, the wall models are ideal when there is no false ceiling. Thanks to their stylish design, the units offer an added valuer to each interior. If the wall installation is not desirable or possible, the recessed models can be used.
For example, cassette models are embedded in the ceiling, where only the aesthetic panels remain visible. The sheathable models are fully integrated into a (false) ceiling and offer optimal comfort. The console model is placed on the ground against the wall. Discover the possibilities of Samsung's Free Joint Multi system!

Air dehumidification

Besides a pleasant temperature, the humidity of the air is also a very important factor for our comfort.
Our body regulates its own temperature by releasing moisture. If the air around us is saturated and can no longer absorb this moisture, we have heat release problems and feel the sensation
unpleasant to stick and suffocate. A Samsung heat pump not only heats and cools, but also dehumidifies the air during cooling.


Samsung Wind-Free™: a cooling without draft

Wind-Free™ is the revolutionary new way to cool without air current. Thanks to the thousands of microperforations in the box, the air is blown at low speed.
Samsung Wind-Free™ is available in combination with a Free Joint Multi system for the wall model, the 1-way cassette and the 4-way mini-cassette.

Silent operation of the external unit

The interior units of the Free Joint Multi, equipped with a Twin BLDC compressor, are extremely quiet.
The FJM compressor is covered with two layers of acoustic insulation that absorbs and reduces noise.

 Technical data


Ability Cooling (nominal)Kw4.
Heating up -7 degrees CelsiusKw4.
Heating up --5CKw3.
Heating - 10 degrees CelsiusKw2.703.603.605.145.977.70
Heating - 15 degrees CelsiusKw2.232.982.984.254.946.38
Energy efficiency of coolingSEERW/W8.548.548.517.757.758.00
Energy consumptionkWh/a164205206293330-
Declared refrigeration chargeKw4.
Energy efficiency of heatingScopW/W4.604.644.604.324.104.32
Energy consumptionkWh/a9221,2701,4001,8332,009-
Declared calorific charge (average)Kw3.14.224.605.75.9-
Air flowm3/min29.733.138.047.547.575.0
Acoustic powerdB(A)606161646470
Acoussitque pressureCoolingdB(A)454646484854
Winding directionFront (horizontal)Front (horizontal)Front (horizontal)Front (horizontal)Front (horizontal)Front (horizontal)
Number of fans-111111
Operating rangeCooling-5.0-46.0-5.0-46.0-10.0-46.0-10.0-46.0-10.0-46.0-10.0-46.0
Installation data
VoltageΦ, V, Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz1,220-240V, 50Hz
Type of compressorTwin BLDC RotaryTwin BLDC RotaryTwin BLDC RotaryTwin BLDC RotaryTwin BLDC RotaryTwin BLDC Rotary
Energy consumptionCoolingKw0.901.221.251.801.972.75
Nominal currentCoolingHas4.
Size (LxHxP)Mr790x548x285790x548x285880x638x310880x798x310880x798x310940x998x330
Max length with pre-fillingMr30.
Co2 pre-filling, equivalenttCO2e0.660.801.051.351.351.82
Refrigerant refillg/m--10102010
Connecting the pipingLiquidThumb1/4x21/4x21/4x214x3144 
Length of drivingTotal length of pipingMr303050507075
Min/Max - per unit int.Mr3/253/253/253/253/253/25
Length of drivingMax height (UI-UI)Mr7.
Max height (EU-UI)Mr151515151515


Weight62 kg
Width880 mm
Height793 mm
Thickness310 mm