Pellet Boiler (biomass) BURNiT PelleBurn 15 to 40kW


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The pellet boiler BURNiT PelleBurn high-efficient to warm large and medium-size premises, like bigge houses or industrial spaces (15 to 40kW). PelleBurn realizes a rate of efficiency going to 91 % and furthermore, the process is very environment-friendly with its extremely low carbon emissions.

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Pellet boiler PelleBurn

Ecological and highly-efficient heating of bigger houses and industrial spaces . Designed for firing wood pellets. The mantle fully covers the combustion chamber. Cleaning system. Boiler has an efficiency rating of 91%. This device is available in 15, 25 and 40kW.

Boiler warranty : 2 years

Set includes


Pellet boiler PLB, Pellet burner Pell, Auger and Pellet fuel hopper FH 500.

Tested and approved according to EN 303-5, class 5.

Product Features


  • Microprocessor controller. Functions:
    Automatic ignition and pellet feed;
    Self-cleaning function of burner and fume exhaust pipes;
    Controls the operation of central heating pump;
    Controls the operation of domestic hot water (DHW);
    Controls by room thermostat
    Controls boiler operations by buffer tank temperature;
    Exhaust gas sensor;
  • Temperature sensor to monitor boiler temperature.
  • Temperature sensor to monitor water heater temperature.
  • Two temperature sensors to monitor buffer tank temperature.
  • Two fans assist the combustion process:
    Fume exhaust fan of the boiler;
    Air-feed fan of the burner.
  • Automatic cleaning system.
  • Built in discharge mechanism drives the ash and soot into a rolling container.
  • Pellet Burner Pell pull-out system for convenient maintenance.
  • Fuel hopper FH 500 with alternative mounting on the left or right side of the boiler.
  • Eyepiece for viewing the combustion process.

Safety devices


  • STB thermostat reacts to increased operating  temperature and shuts down the fan.
  • Elbow-shape feeder chute prevents backfire entry from burner into pellet hopper.
  • Thermostatic protection (80°С).
  • Fuse 10А;
  • In case of power interruption, all parameter settings are stored in the memory of the controller.

Model pellet boiler PelleBurn
1. Housing
2. Double high efficiency thermal insulation
3. Flue
4. Fume exhaust fan
5. Automatic cleaning system
6. Fume exhaust tubes
7. Water mantle (jacket)
8. Combustion chamber
9. Built in discharge mechanism drives the ash and soot into a rolling container
10. Rolling ash and soot container
11. Pellet Burner Pell pull-out system for convenient maintenance.
12. MCU controller

Bunker pellet boiler PelleBurn
1. Pellet-loading hatch
2. Side panels
3. Auger mounting side-panel opening
4. Auger holder
5. Pellet-guide plates
6. Drainage holes
7. Leveling feet
8. Dust container cover
9. Dust container
10. Pellet-collecting bottom
11. Foundation
12. Guide plate gasket

Burner Scheme pellet boiler PelleBurn
1. Pellet burner Pell 25;
2. Auger hose;
3. Auger motor;
4. Automatic pellet auger;
5. Feeder chute;
6. Burner (inner) auger;
7. Combustion chamber corps;
8. Combustion chamber;
9. Automatic cleaning system;

Technical characteristics


Chart pellet boiler PelleBurn


  PLB 15PLB 25PLB 40
Nominal heat output / Minimum ÷ maximum heat outputkW15 / 5÷1525 / 8÷2540 / 10÷40
Mass flow of exhaust gases, Minimum ÷ maximum heat outputkg/s0,003÷0,0090,005÷0,0140,009÷0,025
Height Hmm129014301700
Width L / Depth Dmm640/1120640/1120700/1420
Water mantle volumeL5570101
Comustion chamber volumeL435373
Required chimney draughtPa/mbar10÷20 / 0.10÷0.20  
Insulation - boiler body 100mm high-efficiency thermal wool lined with aluminium fool
Insulation - boiler housing 20mm high-efficiency black veil rockwool
Average power consumptionW506095
Electric power supplyV/Hz230/50230/50230/50
Recommended fuel Wood-pellets, ø 6÷8 mm /EN 14961-2:2011/
Recommeded capacity of buffer tankL5258751400
Exhaust gas temperature (operation mode)°C130÷160130÷160130÷160
Operating temperature range°C65-8565-8565-85
Min. return water temperature°C606060
Operating pressurebar333
Pellet burner Pell - Nominal heat outputkW5÷158÷2510÷40
Capacity of pellet fuel hopper FHL500500500
Cold water inletA, mmR ¾"/100R ¾"/100R ¾"/100
Hot water outletB, mmR ¾"/980R ¾"/1120R ¾"/1417
Safety line sleeveKYes  
Air ventIYes  
FlueF, ø mmø133/1280ø133/1480ø150/1700
FlueJ, mm320320350
Cleaning openingO, mm140/300140/300140/300
Eyepiece for viewing the combustion processV, mmYes  
Boiler flue gas extraction fanW1, mm122013851665
Burner air-feed fanW2, mm510510565
Automatic cleaning systemP, mm95010901390
Motor of cleaning systemM, mmYes  
Pellet burner Pell pull-out systemZ, mmYes  
Automatic ash-and-soot discharge systemT, mm170170170
Ash-and-soot containerX, mmRollign ash container; connected to boiler body by buckles

For product measurements, they should be read as follows:

Cold water inletA, mmR1¼ "/ 450
Y, mmmG½ "/ 232

A is shown in the previous diagram. "R1¼" and "G½" are the measure in inches of the opening. "R" is male and "G" is female. The measurements in inches indicate the distance between the floor and the opening.

Recommended clearances between boiler and walls

Burnit PelleBurn

Boiler size and chimney parameters

Burnit PelleBurn

Wiring diagram of connection of boiler elements to the controller


Burnit PelleBurn

Connection of boiler PelleBurn to three-way valve

Burnit PelleBurn

Connection of boiler PelleBurn to P type buffer tank and three-way valve

Burnit PelleBurn

Wiring diagram of connection of burner elements to the controller and connecting socket

Burnit PelleBurn

Connection of boiler PelleBurn to combi tank KSC2, flat plate solar collector PK and three-way valve

Burnit PelleBurn

Connection of boiler PelleBurn to solar tank SON, buffer thank P, flat plate solar collector PK and three-way valve

Burnit PelleBurn