Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120
Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120

Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120


Gen4 intelligent MPPT solar charge controller with LED step-up driver

All-in-one, waterproof, constant-current MPPT charge controller.

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Solar charge controller...


Solar charge controller SRNE MPPT Gen4 DM120

The benefits

  • With MPPT technology, the controller has higher response speed and tracking efficiency, significantly improving the efficiency of solar panel energy use.
  • Works with both GEL (lead-acid) and lithium batteries; operating parameters can be set by remote control.
  • Temperature compensation function and multi-level constant-voltage charging for lead-acid batteries.
  • Control of charging power and time.
  • Protection and adjustment of battery charging and discharging temperature.
  • Intelligent power mode:
  • Charging power can be automatically adjusted according to battery level.
  • High-precision digital control algorithm for boost voltage and constant current: ensures high efficiency and constant current accuracy.
  • Protection against reversal of battery/PV electrodes, protection against short circuits, open circuits and limited LED power, etc.
  • Infrared remote control: enables parameter setting and status checking.
  • With a metal outer shell and IP67 waterproof rating, the product can operate properly in a variety of challenging situations.


Items Values Adjustable Default
Controller type
: infrared remote control; W: wireless remote control 2.4G
System voltage 12V / 24V
Static power consumption
R : ≤6mA/12V; 4mA/24V
Type -W :
; 13mA/24V
Standby power consumption ≤1 mA
Charging current 50mA~4200mA 330mA
Charging voltage 15V~60V
Maximum charging power 60W/12V ;
Charge conversion efficiency 85%-96% (typical efficiency 95%)
Charge current accuracy ≤3%±30mA
Intelligent power High, Moderate, Low, Auto, USE,
No Medium
Load working period
Period + pre-dawn lighting
Period adjustment range
/ 10min
Power adjustment range 1% / 10%
Maximum solar input power 130W/12V ;
Maximum load current 10A
Maximum solar input voltage ≤ 60V
MPPT tracking efficiency >99%
Load conversion efficiency
85% LI overload voltage +2V; × 2, 24V system. 16.0V
Limited charging voltage PB-15.5V ; Overload voltage LI +1V ; ×2, 24V system
Equalizing charging voltage PB-14.6V ; LI-No ; ×2, 24V system
Charge equalization interval 30 days
Boost charge voltage (lead-acid)
Charge voltage (lithium)
.5V ~ 17.0V;×2,24V system

Floating charge voltage (lead-acid)
Charge return voltage (lithium)
8.5V ~ 17.0V;×2,24V system

Over-discharge voltage
.5V ~ 17.0V;×2,24V system 11.0V
Over-discharge feedback voltage
.5V ~ 17.0V;×2.24V system 12.5V
Temperature compensation coefficient PB: -3.0mV/℃/2V; lithium battery: no compensation.
ight control voltage~ 11V;×2,
4V system
Light control delay
~ 60min 10S
High-temperature load
Low-temperature load
~ -35℃
Operating temperature
~ +65℃
IP rating IP67
Protections Protection against reverse battery polarity

protection against reverse polarity of the solar panel,
protection against overvoltage of the solar panel,
protection against overcharge and overdischarge of the lithium battery,
protection against overheating by detection of overcharge of the lithium battery by the BMS,
protection against open circuit and short circuit of the load.
eight 400g
Controller dimensions 114 x 82.3 x 24.5 mm
Controller mounting dimensions 82.3 x 74 mm
Mounting hole diameter Φ 3.5 mm
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Datasheet SRNE Solar Light-EN

Download (4.39MB)

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