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Cerbo GX Victron Controller

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The Cerbo GX is at the heart of your energy installation. All other system components, such as inverters/chargers, solar chargers and batteries, are connected to the Color Control GX. The Cerbo GX ensures smooth operation of all these components


The Cerbo GX belongs to the GX family of products. With its GX products, Victron offers a state-of-the-art monitoring solution that runs on its Venus OS operating system.

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Cerbo GX

This brand new communications center allows you to always perfectly control your system wherever you are, and thus maximize its performance. Simply log in to our Victron Remote Management portal (VRM), or access directly using the independent GX Touch, MFD or victronConnect app thanks to its additional Bluetooth capability. This option, recently integrated into the GX range, combines the best of connectivity by redefining smart energy solutions, anywhere.

The Cerbo GX: communication center

With this communication center, you always keep perfect control over your system wherever you are and maximize its performance. Simply access your system on our Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, or access it directly, using the GX accessory display.

The GX Touch screen: an accessory screen

The GX Touch 50 and GX Touch 70 are accessory displays for the Cerbo GX. These touchscreens – one five-inch and one seven-inch – give you an instant overview of your system and allow you to adjust its settings. The display easily plugs into the Cerbo GX with a single cable. Both GX Touch displays are waterproof and easily install on top of a dashboard.

The remote console on VRM

Monitor, control and configure the Cerbo GX remotely, on the internet. Just like you were in front of the device, using the remote console. This feature is also available on the LAN, or with the Cerbo GX's Wi-Fi access point.

Perfect supervision and control

Follow live battery status, energy consumption, amount of energy from solar panels, generator and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements. Easily control the input current limit of the dock power, start and stop (automatically) the generator(s), and change all parameters to optimize the system. Respond to alerts, perform diagnostic checks, and resolve issues remotely.

Simple assembly and configuration

The Cerbo GX is easy to mount and can also be mounted on a DIN rail using the DIN35 small adapter (not included). Its separate touchscreen can be bolted to a dashboard, eliminating the need for exact cuts (as with the Color Control GX). Since it easily connects with a single cable, you won't have to bring many wires all the way to the dashboard. The Bluetooth function allows quick connection and configuration with our VictronConnect app.

Maximize your system performance

The Cerbo GX maximizes the performance of your system elements in real time and keeps them in perfect harmony. Thanks to its Dual Core processor and the addition of an additional Bus-CAN port, you can now manage larger systems; closely monitor the batteries (lithium) that are managed in the system, while the second port can simultaneously support up to 25 EV solar chargers. Can connected. Thanks to the new support for the NMEA 2000 protocol, the GX can easily be integrated into any boat network. Thanks to the four tanks and the other four for temperature, as well as the 3 EV ports. Direct, with 3 USB ports, 4 digital inputs and 2 relays, you can extend the control of your system to a higher level. It's never been easier to maximize the performance of your systems.

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Cerbo GX
Supply voltage8 – 70 VDC
Wall or DIN rail (35 mm)(2)
Communication ports
VE ports. Direct (always isolated)3 (3)
VE. Buses (always isolated)
2 parallel RJ45 sockets
VE. CANyes - no isolated
External dimensions (h x w x d)
78 x 154 x 48 mm
Operating temperature
Between -20 and 50 °C