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EVlink Parking 2 Mural Charging Station for Wall Mounting

Schneider Electric

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Charging stations for semi-public car parks and street charging


Ideal for unsecured parking, EVlink Parking offers the energy measurement capabilities and connectivity you need to authenticate users, generate reports, allocate costs to individual users, and perform remote maintenance.
Everything you need to make EV load easier than ever!

A complete range to cover the entire market of secure car parks: car parking for fleet of vehicles, car parking for private companies, car parking in shopping malls, car parking in residential environment.
This offer is dedicated to charge mode 3 (IEC 61851)

Parking EVlink is made up of two offers:

- Offer with ground attachment
- Offer with wall attachment
You have the option to give users free access to the terminal or the opposite to regulate access to the load with RFID control
You can install an EVSE on a standalone configuration, or you can set up an infrastructure with different coordinated charging terminals. Our energy management and supervision solutions (EVlink management services) have been developed to help you manage a station with multiple terminals and/or multiple stations

Technical features


  • Power: 7kW or 22KW
  • Number of outlets: 1 or 2 plugs per EVSE
  • Type of power outlet: Type 2 or Type 3
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • External mechanical impact resistance: IK10
  • Cable management; cables enter the lower part
  • Color: white caps, green closure, black base
  • Flood-resistant (height relative to soil): 50 cm
  • Certifications: LCIE Certificate, CB Certification, CE Compliance Statement


Your EVSE for your secure parking!
You can choose to set up your solution with:

2 power supplies available
2 types of power outlets 
Identification or not with RFID control 
Energy management and supervision
Accessories: cable carrier, cable hood


All car parks with secure systems!

Car car parks for fleets of vehicles,
Car car parks for private companies,
Car parks for shopping malls,
Shared car parks in residential areas, etc.




Product nameParking Evlink
Product or component typeCharging station
Short device nameEVW2
Description of the poles1P - N for remote control
1P - N for power circuit
3P - N for power circuit
1P - N for remote control
How to installWall fixation
Type of offerStandard
(Us) assigned power voltage 230 V c.a. 50/60 Hz power circuit
220...240 V c.a. 50/60 Hz remote control
230 V c.a. 50/60 Hz remote control
380...415 V c.a. 50/60 Hz power circuit
Earth-linking schemeIT
Number of takes2
Type of power outletRight: T2 / silver-plated contacts
Left: T2 / silver-plated contacts
Maximum power current32A for T2
Nominal output power7kW for T222 KW for T2
Access control systemRFID badge compliant with ISO/IEC 14443
RFID badge compliant with ISO/IEC 15693
Type of command2 RED push button, function: stop
2 green bright push buttons, function: start/unlock the hatch
Local signageIn charge: 2 LEDs (green) (flash) on the side
Available: 2 LEDs (green) on Front
Booked: 2 LEDs (orange) on Front Front
Non-operational: 2 LEDs (RED) on Front
Communication port protocolOCPP 1.6
ProcedureCluster architecture
Available functionBreaker status
Detailed billing records
Load management
Setting up user privileges
Deferred charge
Diagnostic capabilities
Setting up user privileges
Deferred charge
Diagnostic capabilities
Detailed billing records
Load management
Breaker status
Web serverIncorporated
Service EthernetSetting up via web server
StandardsIEC 61851-22
IEC 61851-1
Product certificationsPret for EV
Ready for ZE
Product weight33 kg
ColorFront: White (RAL 9003)
Side: grey (RAL 7016)
Degree of IP protectionIP54 charge disabled compliant with IEC 61851-1
IP54 on charge compliant with IEC 61851-1
Degree of IK protectionIK10 IEC-compliant charging station 61851-22
IK10 IEC-compliant electrical outlet 61851-22
Operating temperature -30... 50OC compliant with IEC 61851-22
Room soaking for storage-40... 80 degrees Celsius
Operating altitude0...2000 m compliant with IEC 61851-22
Relative humidity0... 95 %
Environmental features
Environmental status of the offerGreen Premium product
Without SVHC REAChYes
RoHS EU DirectiveCompliance, RoHS EU statement
Information on RoHS exemptionsYes
RoHS China RegulationRoHS Statement for China
Environmental profileEnvironmental profile of the product
Circularity profileEnd-of-life information