WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM
WKS EVO 5 kVA 48V anti-cut kit - UPS LITHIUM

Anti-cut kit WKS Evo Circle 5.6 kVA 48V - UPS LITHIUM


This kit includes

  • 1xHybrid inverter WKS Evo Circle 5.6 kVA 48V
  • 1xPylontech US5000 Lithium Battery +100 - 4.8kWh
  • 1xPylontech battery connection cable
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WKS Evo Circle hybrid inverter 5 kVA 48V
Hybrid inverter WKS Evo Circle 5.6 kVA 48V
Price per unit
€980.00  (Tax incl.)
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Lithium Battery Pylontech + 100 - 4.8 kWh
Pylontech US5000 Lithium Battery +100 - 4.8kWh
Price per unit
€1,498.10  (Tax incl.)
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Pylontech battery connection cable
Pylontech battery connection cable
Price per unit
€21.20  (Tax incl.)
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No products selected
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€0.00  (Tax incl.)
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Anti-cut kit WKS Evo Circle...


Protégez votre habitation des coupures de courant

Don't be afraid of power cuts anymore!

This kit takes over immediately in the event of a power cut to ensure the proper functioning of your electrical installation.
Much more economical than a generator set, the anti-cut kit remains the ideal solution against load shedding!

When the grid is running, the inverter keeps the battery park charging. In the event of an outage, the system automatically switches your installation to the batteries.

Then when the network returns, the converter detects it and switches back to it.
The batteries being partially emptied are then recharged automatically, being able to again
deal with possible cuts ...

Onduleur hybride circle 5,6kVA


Hybrid inverter WKS Evo Circle 5.6 kVA 48V


The WKS EVO Circle is equipped with an MPPT solar charge controller that maximizes and regulates the DC power of the solar panel to charge your battery park.
Transformerless design enables reliable power conversion in a compact form factor. The new generation of WKS has a built-in Wi-Fi function, mobile monitoring can be done through mobile apps. The data can be viewed and saved in the inverter, which is convenient for tracking the operating status of the inverter. It also supports USB On-The Go feature for easy rewriting of internal settings, data downloads, and software updates.




Rated power 5600VA/5600W
AC input voltage 170-280 VAC (for personal computers)
Selectable voltage range 90-280 VAC (for household appliances)
Frequency range 50Hz/60Hz (automatic detection)
AC voltage regulation (Batt. mode) 230 VAC +/- 5
Overload capacity 5s@>/=150% charge;10s@110%~150% charge; 100ms @ >/=200% charge
Yield (peak) 93%
Transfer time 10 ms (for personal computers); 20 ms (for household appliances)
Waveform Pure sine wave
AC output voltage 24.3A
Battery voltage 48 VDC
Floating charging voltage 54 VDC
Overload protection 66 VDC
Solar charger and AC charger
Type of solar charger MPPT
Maximum power of the PV generator 6000W
MPPT range at operating voltage 120~430VDC
Maximum voltage of the open circuit of the PV 450VDC
Maximum solar charging current 120A
Maximum AC charging current 120A
Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 140x295x468
Net weight (kgs) 11.0 12.0
Communication interface USB/RS232/RS485/Wifi/Dry Contact
Usage environment
Humidity 5% to 95%a Relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating temperature From -10°C to 50°C
Storage temperature From -15°C to 60°C

Batterie Lithium Pylontech US5000 +100 - 4.8kWhPylontech US5000 Lithium Battery +100 - 4.8kWh


  • A compact and trendy design that fits perfectly into your home environment.
  • Provides up to 4.8KW
  • Modular design makes it easy to increase capacity.
  • Compatible with most hybrid inverters.
  • Security Cert.TüV CE UL UN38.3




Rated voltage 48Vdc
Rated capacity 100 Ah
Battery capacity 4800 Wh
Dod 95,00%
Dimensions (LxWxH) 442x410x161 mm
Weight 39.7 kg
Charging/discharging 80 Ah (Recommended)
120@ 15min (Max.)
Current (A) 200@15sec (peak)
Communication port RS485, CAN
SIngle string quantity 16pcs
Operating temperature 0~50°C
Shelf temperature -20~60°C
Cycle life >6000, 25°C
Authentication level UL1973/UL1642/UL9540A/VDE2510-50/IEC63056/IEC62619/IEC62040/IEC62477-1/IEC61000-6-2/UN38.3

Data sheet

Inverter power
Output Kit voltage
Type of need
Uninterruptible power supply
Battery storage
With storage
Wind Turbin
Grid reinjection

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Aide formulaire garantie Pylo-FR

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FicheT WKS EVO Circle 5/48V-FR

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DataSh WKS EVO Circle 5/48V-EN

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Manuel WKS EVO Circle5.6kVA48V

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DataSh US3000C-EN

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Manual US3000C-EN

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FicheT US3000C-FR

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Man US3000C-FR

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Parametrage Ond Circle - FR

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Manuel Wi-Fi WKS EVO Circle-FR

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