Battery with integrated charger Victron 12.8 V - 20 to 40 A

Victron energy

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Designed primarily for caravan towing vehicles. Set consisting of a lithium-ion battery with inherently safe LiFePO4 cells, a built-in charger and remarkable peak output power.

  • Rated Voltage: 12.8V
  • Battery capacity range: 20 to 40 Ah


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Background Victron

Peak Power Pack Victron

The Peak Power Pack is a complete substitute for lead-acid batteries in applications where high currents occur over short periods of time. Designed primarily for caravan towing vehicles, it is equipped with an integrated charger allowing charging from the car's electrical system during the caravan journey. In this way, the pack will be fully loaded upon arrival at the campsite. If necessary, it is possible to carry out the charge thanks to the adapter provided to connect to the network. Charging is also possible from a solar panel.

Peak Power Pack Victron

Lightweight and easy to install

Ideal device for mobile applications

Fully protected from misuse

Excellent efficiency for solar or other applications, where deep discharges and insufficient refills can quickly damage lead-acid batteries.

Output 1: High current output for motorized manoeuvring assistance systems and high power applications

- Application for motorized caravan manoeuvring system: automatic stop of the high power output, 30 minutes after activation.

- Other applications: the high power output can be switched to "always on" mode.

- Resists short circuits Protection against excessive battery discharge

Output 2: Auxiliary output for low DC loads (not available on the 8Ah model).

-Always on

-Resists short circuits

-Protection against excessive battery discharge

Input 1: Solar charger/multifunction vehicle battery input

Voltage and current set to safely charge the lithium-ion battery. Almost any source of electrical power can be connected to this input, as long as it is between 11V < Wine

Input 2: Second input for connecting a power supply

A 3A power supply is included (connect to the 100/240 VAC mains).

Fast charging possible through input 1 (high current output).

A battery charger or converter/charger can be connected to a high power output to achieve fast charging. Maximum charging current of 40A, and maximum charging voltage of 14V.

Storage mode

Reduces the current absorbed from the battery to almost zero. This function prevents damage to the battery against excessive discharge during long storage periods.


Technical characteristics


Peak Power PackPPP-20PPP-30PPP-40
Capacity20 Ah30 Ah40 Ah
Stored energy256 Wh384 Wh512 Wh
Battery typeLithium-ion (LiFePO4)
Rated voltage12.8 V
Autod offload if enabled< 13 Ah/year (< 1.4 mA)
Self-unloading in storage mode< 6.5 Ah/year (< 0.7 mA)
Output 1: high capacity "motorized displacement system"
DC output current150 A
Maximum output current (10 s)200 A
Short circuit current300 A
Security featuresOverload / short circuit / temperature / excessive discharge
Maximum charging currentn.a.15 A (unprotected)
20 A (unprotected)
Recommended charging voltage:14 V (unprotected)
Maximum charging voltage14.2 V (unprotected)
Maximum cable diameter16 mm² (screw terminals)
Output 2: power network on board "domestic":
DC output current30 A
Maximum output current (10 s)50 A
Short circuit current80A
Security featuresOverload / short circuit / temperature / excessive discharge
Maximum charging currentn.a.10 A (unprotected)
10 A (unprotected)
Recommended charging voltage:14 V (unprotected)
Maximum charging voltage14.2 V (unprotected)
Maximum cable diameter6 mm² (screw terminals)
Entrance 1: "car/solar"
Supply voltage range11 V < Wine < 25 V
Current limit7 A
Input 2: "adapter"
Output voltage15 V
Output current3 A
Input voltage110 / 230 V 50 / 60 Hz
OperationMultifunction push button with two-color LED light
EV port. DirectCommunication with a Smartphone (ELECTRONIC KEY VE. Direct–Bluetooth Smart required)
Connection to a PC (EV cable. Direct–USB required)
Operating temperature
Battery charge: 0°C to 40°C Battery discharge: -20°C to +40°C Storage: -20°C to +40°C
(charging/discharging prohibited if outside the specified temperature range)
Humidity (non-condensing)Max. 95%
Weight3.8 kg5.4 kg8.6 kg
Dimensions (h x w x d)132 x 190 x 172 mm172 x 190 x 172 mm
212 x 190 x 172 mm
SecurityNEN-EN-IEC 60335-1, NEN-EN-IEC 60335-2-29, NEN-EN-IEC 62109-1
Emission/ImmunityNEN-EN 55014-1, NEN-EN 55014-2, NEN-IEC 61000-3-2, NEN-IEC 61000-3-3, NEN-EN 50498