SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 STP110-60


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SMA Sunny Tripower Core2 110,000 W

• Self-supporting device that's easy to install
• Economics
• Integrated harmoniously
• Maximum production


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Flexible installation design and production maximized with built-in features


SMA Sunny Tripower Core2 inverterFlexible design of large industrial photovoltaic installations: the Sunny Tripower CORE2 is the ideal inverter for decentralized power plants in the order of megawatt. With a power of 110 kilowatts, 24 strings and 12 MPP trackers, it allows a particularly high degree of solar coverage throughout the day, both for floor installations and roofing with different inclinations. The SMA ShadeFix integrated software solution optimizes installation performance automatically, continuously, even for partially shaded panels. The SMA Smart Connected automatic monitoring service also ensures maximum efficiency for photovoltaic systems by detecting failures as quickly as possible.

With the inverter Sunny Tripower CORE2 As a central component of the SMA Energy System Business solution, installers and installation owners take advantage of high-quality components from the same manufacturer and opportunities for future options to add SMA storage solutions.


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Maximum flexibility in the design of medium- and large-scale installations, on the ground or on the roof.


Maximum flexibility in installation design up to several MW.

  • Best in class: 12 MPP trackers
  • 24 strings with Sunclix connectors
  • The photovoltaic installation can be oversized by up to 150%
  • Up to 1,100 VDCs
  • Compatible with bifacial solar panels


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Central to the SMA Energy System Business and ennexOS, perfected for all future needs.


Dressed for all expansion needs, present as future. 

  • SUNNY DESIGN: Intuitive planning and configuration,
  • Business Energy Storage System: Easy scalability, e.g. by adding storage solutions,
  • DATA MANAGER M: Full integration of the ennexOS platform and simple commissioning of the installation,
  • SUNNY PORTAL: global surveillance,
  • SMA Services: Marketing to Smart Connected, and more.


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A "ready-to-use" solution with integrated optimization of energy production ensures efficient installation and service.


The "ready-to-use" installation concept guarantees maximum production.

  • No DC torque required
  • Best inverter in its class: 110 kW with 400 VAC standard
  • Several handling handles
  • High resistance to environmental conditions
  • SMA ShadeFix and SMA Smart Connected integrated for consistent production

 The "ready-to-use" installation concept guarantees maximum production.

Built-in smart features


SMA ShadeFix

SMA ShadeFix is a patented integrated software solution to optimize the energy production of a facility that performs better than most conventional hardware solutions for shading management in PV installations.


 SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected is a free automatic and inverter monitoring system by SMA to optimize service interventions and ensure the performance of installations.




Entry (DC)
Maximum power of the photovoltaic generator 165000 Wc STC
Maximum input voltage. 1100 V
MPP voltage range500V to 800V
Assigned input voltage585 V
Min. input voltage / start-up input voltage200 V / 250 V
Max entry current/max short-circuit current by MPP tracker26 A / 40 A
Number of independent MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker12/02/20
Exit (AC)
Assigned power at nominal voltage110,000 W
Apparent power AC max.1100,000 VA
AC nominal voltage400 V
AC voltage range320 V to 460V
AC network frequency 50 Hz / 45 Hz' at 55 Hz / 60 Hz / 55 Hz at 65 Hz
Assigned network frequency50 Hz
Maximum output current159 A
Power factor to assigned power/Adjustable phase-shift factor 1 /0.8 overexcited at 0.8 under-excited
Harmonic distortion rate (THD)3%
Injection phases / AC terminal3/3-PE
Max/European return 98,6 % / 98,4 %
General data
Dimensions (L/H/P)1117 mm / 682 mm / 363 mm
Weight93.5 kg
Operating temperature range From 30C to 60C
Typical sound emissions 65 db (A)
Self-consumption (night)5 W
Topology / cooling systemNo transformer/active cooling
Protection Index (according to CIS 60529)IP66
Maximum allowable value for relative air humidity (without condensation)100
Equipment / Function / Accessories
DC Connection / AC ConnectionSunclix / end pod (up to 240 mm2)
LED display (state/error/communication) Yes
Interface Ethernet2 Ports
Data interfaceInterface Web / Modbus SunSpec
Type de montage Montage wall / rack


Maximum PV input voltage1100 V
Weight93,5 kg
Power110000 VA
Monophasé / TriphaséTriphasé
Nombre de MPPT12 MPPT
Nombre de String2
Width1117 mm
Height682 mm
Thickness363 mm
Protection IPIP 66