UPS hybrid 6kW injection network - storage WKS i6


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UPS hybrid 6kW injection network - storage WKS i6

  • Screen 4' LCD
  • With WI - FI
  • 5 years warranty



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Store your solar production





  • Precise MPPT algorithm in real-time for maximum energy production

  • Wide operating input voltage range

  • Double independent monitoring of the MPPT, flexible solar roof system design

Reliable and safe


  • High efficiency, low energy, low maintenance

  • Insulation high frequency between battery and PV / network

  • Management technology of advanced battery to protect the life of the battery

Easier operation


  • Free site selection thanks to IP65

  • Screen 4' clear, easy to read LCD

  • Easy monitoring by phone (APP) and PC (Web)

Multiple work modes


  • PV & storage, all in one, increases the consumption to 80% +, decrease dependence on the power grid, reduced the electricity bill

  • The autonomous mode (such as UPS) available guarantees operation course of critical loads 

  • Selection of several operating modes: Auto mode, operating mode, sync mode or passive mode, etc.

Intelligent network management


  • Reactive power capability

  • Limit the output when the frequency is too high or too low

  • Limit the output when the network voltage is too high

Easy installation



Technical data sheet


Battery settings
Battery typeLead-acid, Lithium-ion
Rated battery voltage48V
Battery voltage range42-58V
Minimum discharge voltageLithium: (according to BMS), Max 58V
Acid lead: 44.0V
Maximum charge voltageLithium-ion (according to BMS), Max 58V
Acid lead: 58V
Recommended battery200Ah (100-500 Ah optional)
Recommended storage9.6 kWh
Max charge current.60A
Charge current range0-65A programmable
Load curve3-scene adaptive with maintenance
Maximum discharge current0-70A programmable
Battery protectionSurge protection / Over-intensity protection/ Overheating protection
Discharge depthLithium: 0-80% adjustable DOD
Acid lead:0-50% doD adjustable
PV settings
Maximum input power3500W4400W5500W6600W
DC power maxi for simple MPPT2000W (160V-520V)2600W (200V-520V)3000W (250V-520V)3500W (300V-520V)
The DC max input voltage.600v
Continuous start-up tension120v
Nominal CC tension360V
MPPT service tension90-580V
Tension range continues at full charge160V-520V200V-520V300V-520V
Number of MPTPs2
The DC max input current.12A/12A
The short circuit of the DC max entrance.15A/15A
AC settings
The short circuit of the DC max entrance.3000W4000W5000W6000W
Maximum output current.13.7A18.2A22.8A27.3A
Nominal voltage and frequency of the network220V, 230V, 240V, 44-55Hz or 54 -66Hz
Alternative voltage range180-2876V (as required by local authorities)
Thd3 per cent
Power factor1 default (up/0.8 adjustable)
Call current0.8A/1us
Maximum output defect current.100A/1us
System settings
Maximum efficiencyCharge:94.1% / discharge 94.3%
Losses on hold5W (PV SPS)
TopologyHigh-frequency insulation
Intrusion Protection IndexesIP 65
Security protectionAnti-islanding, RCMU, ground defect monitoring
communicationWi-Fi/GPRS, RS485, SD, CAN2.0
Environmental data
Room temperature30C - 60C (Decommissioning above 45C)
Relative humidity range0% - 100% (no condensation)
Protective classClass I
Maximum operating altitude2000m
Connecting the power transformerwith cable tv
General data
noise25 dB
weight20.5 kg
coolingNatural convection
Dimensions (L-H-P)566x394x173 mm
Display screenLcd
Warranty5 years or more
EPS (Emergency Power Supply) data
EPS rated power3000VA
EpS rated voltage/frequency230V.50/60Hz
EpS rated current13A
Thd3 per cent
Switching time10 mS by default


Type of needProsumer
Inverter power6000VA