Samsung Wind Free cassette 4-track heat pump 1,6kW


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  • Heat pump version: cool and heat using a single system
  • Operation to high energy output Thanks to the Smart Inverter technology
  • Choice between three panels elegant
  • Operation very silent
  • Lightness Thanks to a housing of plastic
  • A perfect air distribution Thanks to adjustable strips individually

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Wind - Free™ Mini Cassette Samsung 4-way 1.6 kW

Wind - Free™ Mini Cassette Samsung 4-way 1.6 kW


Stay cool without direct windStay cool without direct wind


No wind cooling effectively maintains a level of comfortable freshness without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind. The cold air is gently dispersed by 15 672 pinholes for ventilation, so you don't feel too hot or too cold.


Energy saving with the cooling Wind-Free™Energy saving with the cooling Wind-Free™

Energy saving


No wind cooling allows an effective saving up to 55%.


Range of larger cooling


Range of larger cooling

Large blade


The large blades optimized allow a range of cooling even wider.


Operation powered by MDSOperation powered by MDS

Motion detection sensor


The motion detection sensor allows a custom air flow and an energy-efficient operation.





modelInner unitAJ016NBNDEH/EU
powerAbsorbed powercoolingW19th
Nominal intensitycoolingHas0.51
Pipeline connectionsLiquid pipingLive number, inch x number1/4''
Gas pipingLive number, inch x number3/8''
Condensation DrainPhase mmVP25 (OD 32,ID 25)
Wiring connectionsFor foodMinimummm21
For the connection with the interiorMinimummm20.75
Feeding wiresUi/Ue3Ue
Communication wiresUi/Ue3/2
Communication protocolRs485
soundAcoustic pressureHigh/Mid/LowdB(A)29/33/24
Acoustic powercooling49th
Dimensions (mm)weightKg11.5
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr575x250x575
Dimension (LxHxP)Mr620x57x620
Condensation DrainLift pumpInclusive
Maximum head/movementmm/Litre-h750/24
Extra functionAir filterRemovable/washable

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