Wind turbine Superwind SW350/SW353 - 350W 48V


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The Superwind 350 wind turbine includes all the features that professionals expect in terms of performance and quality. Robust, quiet and powerful.
The Superwind SW353 wind turbine is designed for extreme climate and for very turbulating areas.

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 Wind turbine SW350

Wind turbine SW350


SUPERWIND wind turbines set a new standard for micro wind technology. Developed and designed by experienced energy engineers and mariners, the Superwind 350 wind turbine includes all the features that professionals expect from a performance and quality point of view.

New: The SW353 series wind turbine 

The SW353 is designed for extreme climate and for very turbulating places. They are distinguished by the following characteristics: fully synchronized rotor hub (star Hub), hand-rolled rotor blade in carbon/glass-reinforced plastic composite construction, triple bearings of the generator shaft, mounting socket on the INOX mast.  

Why a SW 353 unit?

When a Superwind blade is damaged by any means on a standard turbine, all blades should be removed as soon as possible to avoid damaging the turbine. If the Superwind 353 is used instead, the wind turbine can survive longer periods of operation with damaged blades and can be recovered when repairs are finally possible. The Superwind 353 turbine is the ideal choice for serious critical missions where, once installed, it is impossible to return to the site for months, and/or when winds are likely to exceed the SW350's 100 mph survival capacity. Nature can destroy everything - but it is the most robust Superwind built to survive most of these destructions.



 Wind turbine SW350

Uncompromising quality

  • Low noise
  • 350 W at 25 knots (12.5 m/s)
  • Maximum security
  • Control of the rotor's pales
  • Cuts wind speed: 7 knots (3.5 m/s)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Resists salt water
  • Neodymed magnets
  • No vibration
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Ancun maintains
  • Sustainable energy
  • 3 years warranty
  • Made in Germany

Reliable power


Sailors aspired to a truly sustainable wind turbine that could meet their energy demand needs.


The innovative control system allows smooth operation, even in extreme weather conditions


When the rotor speed is excessive, the internal field controller automatically manages the rotor blades, eliminating overload while maintaining rotor speeds within the safety design limits.

High yield - low noise

The aerodynamic layout of the pales reduces noise emissions. Precision design and manufacturing allows the Superwind 350 to be much quieter than other wind turbines in the competition.

Works on its own

The Superwind 350 is a wind turbine designed for autonomous and unattended operation. It is robust and suitable for a wide range of applications and can easily be integrated into hybrid PV systems.

Built to last

Superwind 350W is made from high quality materials, such as seawater-resistant aluminum, stainless chrome steel, carbon fiber and reinforced plastics.

Technical features


Nominal wind speed
25 knots (12.5 m/s)
Rotor Diametre1.22m
Number of pale3
Pale Material (SW350)
CFRP (carbon fibre base)
Material of the pale (SW353)
Frost-coated and hand-rolled glass fiber
Rotation speed
500 - 1300 rpm
permanant magnets
12 VDC / 24 VDC / 48 VDC
charge regulator
Speed control
Passive control
Power control
Passive control
Main brake
dynamic electro - generator short circuit
11.5 kg (SW350) - 12.0kg (SW353)

 Wind turbine SW350


Options available


SCR Marine 12V charge controller

Option: SCR Marine 12V charge controller


Thanks to its waterproof design, this regulator is particularly suitable for use in the marine or wet environment.
It is possible to charge 2 different sets of batteries via 2 different outputs on the regulator.
The regulator only manages the voltage from the Superwind wind turbine and will not work with another generator.


  • Nominal voltage: 12V
  • Stop charge voltage: 14.2V
  • Max. current for load resistance: 40A

switch on/off

Option: switch on/off


The switch is used to shut down the Superwind wind turbine. Especially useful when the installation does not include a regulator.

Essential for sailboats during extreme conditions on the high seas to be able to disconnect the wind turbine in order to avoid damage to it or avoid accidents (cut wound).

Kits pour montage mât pour Superwind

Option: mast kit


The mast kit option contains the elements useful for fixing the wind turbine on sailboats.

  • 1x Mast feet
  • 2x Tightening sleeve, adjustable with bolts
  • 4x End forks with bolts and nuts (fine cast stainless steel)
  • 2x Bridge panel with bolts and nuts

Careful! This otpion does not include the mast tube and the fibches.
(see diagram below)

diagram Superwind


Option: Additional tubes


This option contains the adapted tubes/masts that can be fixed with the mast kit option.

  • 1x Mast tube 60.3 mm x 2 mm, length ca. 2.6 m depending on individual installation conditions
  • 2x Tube reverses 21.3 mm x 2.0 mm, length ca. 2.3 m depending on individual installation conditions

Option: Tube support

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