16-panel self-consumption / re-injection kit Sofar hybrid 5kVa with lithium storage

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    This kit includes

    • 16XSunpro Power M10 430Wp Solar Panel SPDG430-N108M10
    • 1XSingle-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar 5 kVA - HYD5000-EP
    • 2X2X4mm2 solar cable with Type MC4 (sold by the meter - 15m)
    • 1XEarth cable 1x6 mm2 20m
    • 16XRayvolt grounding clip
    • 1XSchneider single-phase 25A circuit breaker
    • 1XPylontech US5000 Lithium Battery +100 - 4.8kWh
    • 1XPylontech battery connection cable

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    JNL Solar Climax Solar Panel 400 Wp JLS108MFB
    Sunpro Power M10 430Wp Solar Panel SPDG430-N108M10
    Price per unit
    €93.72  (Tax incl.)
    Choix de l'onduleur
    Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar HYD5000-EP
    Single-phase hybrid inverter Sofar Solar 5 kVA - HYD5000-EP
    Price per unit
    €1,341.67  (Tax incl.)
    Choix du système de montage
    No products selected
    Price per unit
    €0.00  (Tax incl.)
    Câblage et connectique
    Câblage et connectique
    Earth cable 1x6 mm2 10m
    Earth cable 1x6 mm2 20m
    Price per unit
    €52.63  (Tax incl.)
    Engage Enphase Cable Disconnect Tool
    Rayvolt grounding clip
    Price per unit
    €1.35  (Tax incl.)
    Protections et accessoires AC
    Schneider Breaker mono 25A
    Schneider single-phase 25A circuit breaker
    Price per unit
    €14.88  (Tax incl.)
    Protections et accessoires DC
    No products selected
    Price per unit
    €0.00  (Tax incl.)
    Choix des batteries
    Lithium Battery Pylontech + 100 - 4.8 kWh
    Pylontech US5000 Lithium Battery +100 - 4.8kWh
    Price per unit
    €1,272.20  (Tax incl.)
    Accessoires batteries
    Pylontech battery connection cable
    Pylontech battery connection cable
    Price per unit
    €21.20  (Tax incl.)

    16-panel self-consumption /...


    A brilliant solution for a sustainable and financially smart home.

    Transform your everyday life with our solar kit with battery. The perfect combination of power, efficiency and autonomy, to unleash the sun's energy and light up your future with complete peace of mind.

    The basic kit contains 16 solar panels, a Sofar Solar HYD 5000-EP hybrid inverter, a Pylontech US5000 lithium battery, solar cables to connect the panels to the inverter, and an optional panel mounting system. (The mounting system as well as the cabling and protections can be modified to suit your needs).

    All our kits are configurable. In the options you can click on the product to choose another model or change the quantities to adapt the kit to your needs. You can also see details of the products you have chosen directly below the price.

    Solar panels

    Présentation panneaux solaires

    The basic panel selected in this kit has been chosen according to our supplies.

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    Single-phase hybrid inverter

    A single-phase inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) with a single phase, typically used in domestic and light-duty applications. It is commonly used in residential solar energy systems to transform the energy produced by solar panels into a form compatible with standard electrical appliances.


    Sofar Solar HYD5000-EP

    Single-phase hybrid inverter - the essence of energy efficiency for your solar system! An innovative solution combining energy storage and outstanding grid performance.

    Discover the HYD 5000-EP, a true revolution in hybrid inverters. In the event of a grid failure, this technological jewel offers a back-up power supply of up to 5 kW (EPS) in just 10 ms, thanks to its integrated EPS port. The magic also happens with its integrated power management system, offering user-friendly modes for an optimal user experience. Automatic auto-use and customizable time slots are all at your fingertips, configurable on the large LCD display.

    Embark on the era of connectivity with the included WiFi key, making it easy to link up with the Sofar monitoring portal. Choose the HYD 5000-EP - much more than an inverter, it's an invitation to energy autonomy and uncompromising performance.

    Standard display

    The display shows all relevant inverter information.

    Wiring and connection

    Sofar HYD

    1. BATTERY - Battery + and - input terminals
    2. OFF / ON - DC switch
    3. PV 1 & PV 2 - Solar inputs (male and female)
    4. WIFI
    5. - GPRS - USB key connection - Wi-Fi
    6. COM - Communication port
    7. Link Port 0 &
    8. 1 - 0 & 1 link port
    9. Grid connection port
    10. Load connection port
    11. External LCD Terminal - External LCD connection port

    Hybrid Inverters: Operating modes

    Self-use mode

    1. If PV production matches consumption, the inverter neither charges nor discharges the battery.
    2. If PV production exceeds consumption, surplus energy is stored in the battery.
    3. If the battery is full or at maximum charging capacity, surplus energy is exported to the grid
    4. .
    5. If PV production is lower than consumption, the battery is discharged to supply energy to the loads.
    6. If load is higher than PV production plus battery, the inverter imports energy from the grid.
    7. Supply priority: PV > Battery > Grid
    8. Consumption priority: Loads > Battery > Grid

    Self-use Mode

    Time-of-Use Mode:

    1. The user can define up to four rules on when the battery should be charged.
    2. Each rule can be activated or deactivated and includes time of day, percentage of battery charge (SOC), charging power, efficiency date and days of the week
    3. .

    Time-of-Use Mode

    Timing Mode.

    1. The user can define fixed times of the day to charge or discharge the battery with a given power.
    2. Up to four rules can be defined, and each rule can be activated or deactivated separately for charging or discharging
    3. .

    Timing Mode

    Passive Mode.

    1. Intended for systems with external energy management systems using the Modbus RTU protocol to control the inverter.
    2. If the battery is fully charged or at its maximum charging power, PV production is reduced by adjusting the maximum power point (MPPT).
    3. If PV production is lower than consumption, the battery supplies the loads
    4. .

    EPS Mode (EPS Mode).

    1. When this mode is activated, the inverter supplies energy to loads when it is off-grid, for example when there is no connection to the public grid or during power failures.
    2. If PV production exceeds consumption, the surplus is stored in the battery
    3. .

    EPS Mode

    These modes allow the user to flexibly manage how energy is stored and used, optimizing the use of batteries and solar power generation.


    Optimization of an existing grid-connected installation

    Schéma AC Coupling

    SolarMan Smart

    SofarSolar redefines the future of energy with smart inverters. Equipped with advanced monitoring features, our inverters include WiFi Stick as standard, paving the way for seamless connectivity. Choose your path to efficiency with options such as Ethernet, GPRS or LTE keys. Transform every installation into a digital symphony, where solar power becomes a connected, intelligent and sustainable experience. SofarSolar, your partner for smarter, brighter energy.

    Apple Store - Solarman Smart

    Android - Google Play - Solarman Smart


    Configuration steps:

    1. After starting the application, register as a new user or enter your current SOLARMAN access data.
    2. Create a new system and save the system data.
    3. Scan the stick logger barcode to assign an inverter to the system.
    4. Access the newly created system to configure the stick logger (device/logger).
    5. Press the WiFi stick button for 1 second to activate the stick's WPS mode so that the smartphone can be connected to the WiFi stick.
    6. Now select your local WiFi network for Internet access and enter your WiFi password.
    7. The WiFi key is configured with access data.

    5-year warranty for reliable energy

    Dive into the energy future with confidence with Sofar Solar hybrid inverters, because we guarantee the outstanding performance of our products for 5 years. Symbolizing our commitment to quality, this warranty offers the peace of mind you need to fully embrace the potential of hybrid energy, transforming your everyday life into a reliable and sustainable energy experience.

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    Help with storage choices

    Lead-acid GEL batteries (gel electrolyte) are ideal for daily discharge of 50% of their capacity, ensuring optimum performance. For example, if your fleet has a capacity of 4.8kWh, it's advisable to consume no more than 2.4kWh per day to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations. You can, however, allow for a slight margin, as these batteries can withstand faster discharges over shorter periods.

    Lithium batteries, on the other hand, offer additional advantages: they can be discharged much faster than lead-acid batteries, and allow you to use up to 90% of their capacity. So you can count on greater flexibility of use with lithium batteries.

    To determine the capacity of your battery, simply multiply its capacity (Ah) by its voltage (V). For example, 4 x 100Ah 12V batteries connected in series will give a voltage of 48V and a total capacity of 4.8kWh.

    And to make your life easier, our sizing tool will help you calculate your precise battery requirements for your stand-alone solar kit. Rely on our expertise and embark on a customized energy solution!


    Our battery selection

    Optimize your installation by choosing a suitable, high-performance storage solution.
    Store your surplus solar production for later use to get rid of the grid.

    We chose Pylontech lithium batteries for many reasons:
    - 7 to 10-year product warranty;
    - Fast charge/discharge speed;
    - Possibility of upgrading capacity whenever you want;
    - No technical capacity limits.

    We offer two different capacities. They are compatible with each other.




    Options câble et connecteurs, montage et garantie



    Data sheet

    Inverter power
    5000 VA
    Kit output voltage
    Type of need
    Battery storage
    With storage
    Number of panels
    16 panels
    Kit with battery
    Panel type
    Mains re-injection

    Specific References



    Garantie Pylontech FR

    Download (825.35KB)

    Carte de garantie Pylon FR

    Download (110.65KB)

    Warranty Card Pylon EN

    Download (64.82KB)

    Notice pylontech warranty form

    Download (698.6KB)

    Manual US3000C-EN

    Download (2.18MB)

    Man US3000C-FR

    Download (2.52MB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Ficha Tecn-ES

    Download (146.02KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Certif-VOC-EN

    Download (287.85KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Certif-ES

    Download (264.45KB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Manual-EN

    Download (3.56MB)

    Sofar 3-6K HYD-EP Manual-ES

    Download (3.89MB)