Solar street lamp - LED autonome WI 15W 6V - Panel 60W
    Solar street lamp - LED autonome WI 15W 6V - Panel 60W
    Solar street lamp - LED autonome WI 15W 6V - Panel 60W

    Solar floor lamp - AUTONOMOUS LED WI 15W 6V - Panel 60W


    Led solar lamp 15W - 6 Volts fully autonomous thanks to its solar panel 60Wp.

    The solar panel is steerable (rotation or forward-backward tilt) to position the panel according to the sun and ensure optimal recharging of the battery included in the floor lamp. The solar spot is easy to fix and is completely autonomous.

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    Solar floor lamp -...


    Solar floor lamp - AUTONOMOUS LED WI 15W 6V - Panel 60W


    Unique design of the structure

    Integrate the solar panel, led body, battery and controller into a complete system. Easy to carry, install and maintain.

    Présentation du lampadaire solaire WI

    The solar panel looks like an umbrella to protect the battery from high temperatures and extend its life. Perfect solution for heat dissipation;

    representation of the umbrella effect on the lamp post

    The solar panel can be manually adjusted in the vertical and horizontal direction, which guarantees maximum efficiency of solar energy.

    Panel rotation adjustment

    Basic technology


    Unique integration designUnique integration design

    Easy to transport, install and maintain

    Management of control modes

    Managing control modes

    6 ways of working to choose from

    Charge and discharge managementLoad and discharge management

    Battery protection by software and hardware, support for 0v battery charging


    Intelligent power controlIntelligent power control

    Integrated intelligent monitoring system 5.0, intelligent detection of recent weather conditions, reasonable discharge planning.....


    Intelligent memory managementIntelligent memory management

    Road Smart has recently added a storage memory of working modes, achieving a permanent storage of an operation.


    Rotating solar panelRotating solar panel

    The solar panel can be adjusted in the vertical and horizontal direction.


    Updated farm programUpdated farm program

    Integrated single-chain control technology. More stable and longer service life


    Improving lighting efficiencyImproving lighting efficiency

    Upgraded with 100pcs of LED chips, the lighting efficiency of the entire system reaches 180lm/w.


    Improved light distributionImproved light distribution

    Patented bat wing-shaped lens with a wider lighting angle, effectively illuminating the entire road without waste.

    Dimensions of the solar spot 


    Size of the lamp post



     typeWI - 15WI - 20WI - 30WI - 40
    hardwarePolycrystalline silicon
    Efficiency of solar cells17-18%17-18%17-18%17-18%
    Charging cycle time2000 cycles
    Lamp head
    luminous flux2500-2700lm3400-3600lm5000-5400lm6800-7200lm
    Light Power15W20W30W40W
    LED Qty100 pcs
    Color temperature3000-7500K
    Lamp head materialAluminum alloy
    Light distributionBatwing lens with polarized light
    Lighting time (Full charge)5-7 rainy days
    Operating temperature-20°C~60°C
    Upper pole diameter60mm
    Mounting height4-8m
    Facility spacing10-30


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    Data sheet

    Type of need
    Self-Use Lighting Kits
    Battery storage
    With storage
    Wind turbine
    Number of panels
    1 panel
    LED type
    Kit éclairage autonome

    Specific References



    FicheTech lampadaire WI - FR

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