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Lithium battery SMA Home Storage 3.28 kWh
Lithium battery SMA Home Storage 3.28 kWh
Lithium battery SMA Home Storage 3.28 kWh

Lithium battery SMA Home Storage 3.28 kWh

SMA Home Storage

Simple installation.
Long service life.
Smooth integration.

Wattages from 3.28 kWh to 16.40 kWh.

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Lithium battery SMA Home...


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SMA Home Storage Solution: Perennial and Flexible Energy Storage


The SMA Home Storage energy storage solution enables homeowners to fully exploit the potential of sustainable energy. This modular, single-source solution is the ideal complement to SMA's hybrid inverters. It is designed to meet the energy needs of today and tomorrow.

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Advantages of Perennial Energy Storage

Designed for intensive use

Our system is designed for intensive use, guaranteeing reliable, long-lasting performance.

Prepared for tomorrow's energy solutions

Adapted to dynamic tariffs and virtual power plants (VPP), our system is ready for future energy innovations.

Integrated emergency power supply

Equipped with an autonomous start-up function, it provides emergency power in combination with the SMA hybrid inverter.

Durability and warranty

With up to 8,000 load cycles and a 10-year warranty, our solution offers exceptional longevity.

Simple installation and rapid commissioning

Plug-and-Play solution

Benefit from a Plug-and-Play solution with automatic commissioning for worry-free installation.

Pre-wired for simplicity

The system is pre-wired, simplifying commissioning and reducing installation time.

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Expandable capacity

Capacity can be extended within 2 years, offering flexibility to meet your growing energy needs.

Illustration Batterie SMAUnrivalled flexibility

Compatibility and modularity

Compatible with SMA's hybrid inverters, the SMA Home Storage is scalable from 3.2 kWh to 16.4 kWh to meet your specific needs.

Mounting options

Slim design with floor, wall or back-to-back mounting options. Can be installed outdoors, thanks to IP65 protection class.

Make the most of sustainable energy

Whether solar radiation is low or the sun is at its zenith, SMA Home Storage stores solar energy and makes it available when needed. It can be flexibly modulated to meet individual needs, and is particularly durable thanks to its nearly 8,000 charging cycles. With SMA Home Storage, homeowners make a conscious choice for quality and added security with a 10-year warranty.

Solar Batteries: How they work, Advantages and Products


Solar batteries, also known as solar panel batteries or battery storage systems, play a crucial role in optimizing the use of solar energy. They store the solar energy produced by photovoltaic systems and make it available when needed. This guide explains how they work, their advantages and the products available on the market.

How Solar Batteries work

Solar batteries store the energy produced by a photovoltaic system for later use, for example in the evening or at night. Like car batteries, they store electrical energy in chemical form and convert it back into electrical energy when needed. This process is called a "battery cycle". SMA solar batteries, for example, support around 8,000 cycles, which generally corresponds to at least ten years' use, after which their capacity gradually diminishes.

Who are Solar Batteries for?

Solar batteries are ideal for those wishing to participate in the energy transition. They are recommended for those who own or are planning a photovoltaic installation of a certain size, and wish to maximize the use of solar-generated electricity. They enable surplus energy to be stored for later use, reducing dependence on the public electricity grid.

Without a storage system, self-generated solar electricity has to be used immediately or fed into the grid. In periods of low sunshine, it is necessary to purchase electricity from the grid, which is often more expensive than the electricity injected. Solar batteries therefore save money by using stored energy when the sun isn't shining.

Advantages of Solar Batteries

Optimization of self-consumption

Solar batteries reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the public grid by using stored energy during periods of low solar production, thereby cutting energy costs.

Carbon footprint reduction

By using stored solar energy, solar batteries reduce dependence on fossil energy sources, improving the ecological balance sheet of households and businesses.

Energy independence

Solar batteries reduce dependence on the public electricity grid. When the storage system is full, excess energy can be fed back into the grid, increasing energy independence.

Characteristics of a good solar battery system

A good solar battery system offers :

High storage capacities: To maximize the use of solar energy.

Long Service Life: For long-lasting use over many years.

High Efficiency: For efficient energy conversion.

Reliable Energy Management: For optimum use of stored energy.

Many solar battery systems, like those from SMA, are scalable and easily integrated into photovoltaic ecosystems. They must also be easy to install, guaranteeing a hassle-free energy transition.


Solar batteries are a smart investment for optimizing the use of solar energy, reducing energy costs and improving energy independence. Explore our products to find the perfect storage system for your photovoltaic installation.

SMA Home Storage

Data sheet

610 mm
483 mm
Battery Voltage Range
90 V to 108 V
180 V to 216 V
180 V to 216 V
360 V to 432 V
36 kg
36,4 kg
Rated voltage
96 V
192 V
288 V
384 V
480 V
215 mm
Useful energy capacity
3.28 kWh
6,56 kWh
9.84 kWh
13.12 kWh
16.40 kWh
Cell technology
Phosphate de fer lithié (LiFePO4)
Battery efficiency
to be confirmed
Input-side disconnection device
Standard equipment
Compatible SMA products
STP-SE (SMA Home Storage 6.5 to 16.4), SB-SE (SMA Home Storage 3.2 to 13.1)
Base unit for floor mounting (HS-BU-10), communication cable to STP-SE (HS-COM-CBL-3-10)
Max. charge/discharge current
36 A
Certifications and approvals
CE, UN 38.3, CEI 62619, CEI 62477, VDE 2510-50

Specific References



Man Sunny Boy Smart

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condition SMA SB Smart E

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Fiche T SMA Home Storage

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