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Sofar Solar BTS 5K Lithium Battery

  • Fully modular design, convenient for installation and transport.
  • Integrated battery pack balance management unit, increasing battery capacity
  • Flexible battery capacity extension
  • Low battery consumption
  • One-button start/stop support.
  • Energy storage specifically for HYD 5K-20KTL and Sofar Solar ESI inverters.

Sold without BDU (not necessary for Sofar Solar ESI inverters).

Important notice for our customers in Belgium:

As part of our commitment to regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility in Belgium, we would like to inform our customers that the purchase of a Sofar Solar BTS 5K Lithium Battery is subject to a mandatory environmental contribution. An amount of €119.50 excluding VAT will be applied to each battery purchased, as a direct contribution to Bebat, the organization in charge of managing batteries and accumulators in Belgium. This measure complies with current Belgian environmental legislation. For further information, click here

Here's the reference list and the corresponding fee!

When purchasing lithium batteries, please add the "Environmental fee" product corresponding to the number of batteries you select. Otherwise, we will recalculate the amount after the purchase.

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Sofar Solar BTS 5K Lithium...

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Sofar Solar BTS 5K Lithium Battery

5 kWh intelligent residential energy storage system

SOFARSOLAR's brand-new low-voltage battery system consists of 4 LiFePO4 battery modules and a battery distribution unit.

Battery capacity can be easily expanded thanks to the system's modular, stackable design. Combined with quick-connect cables, installation is both fast and user-friendly. Up to two systems can be connected in parallel, representing an energy storage capacity of 40 kWh.

The BTS series is compatible with the HYD 5K-20KTL and ESI 3K to 6K battery inverter series.


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Sofar batt. BTS-5K Datasheet-EN

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Sofar batt. BTS-5K Manual-EN

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Sofar batt. BTS-5K Manuel-FR

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Sofar batt. BTS-5K Manual-NL

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Sofar batt. BTS-5K Manual-ES

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Sofar batt. BTS-5K datablad-EN

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Sofar Warranty Extension Price

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