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Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US
Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US
Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US
Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US
Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US

Deye 5 kVA single-phase hybrid inverter - SUN-5K -SG01LP1-US


The Deye SUN-(5-8K)K-SG01LP1-US is an advanced hybrid inverter, ideal for homes and small businesses. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, it integrates easily into modern energy systems.
This inverter optimizes energy use while ensuring reliable, efficient management of your power supply.

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Hybrid Inverter Deye SUN-(5-8K)K-SG01LP1-US


The Deye SUN-(5-8K)K-SG01LP1-US hybrid inverter is the perfect solution for homes and small businesses looking for optimal energy management. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, this inverter integrates easily into modern energy systems, improving energy utilization while ensuring reliable and efficient management of your power supply.

SUN-5/6/7.6/8K-SG01LP1-USKey features

1. High charging and discharging capacity

The inverter supports a maximum charging and discharging current of 190A, efficiently managing large energy storage and supply requirements. Ideal for high-demand scenarios and everyday energy needs.

2. Generator compatibility

Designed to support energy storage from diesel generators, guaranteeing a constant power supply even in off-grid conditions. Perfect for areas with unreliable power supplies.

3. Scalability

The Deye SUN-(5-8K)K-SG01LP1-US can be paralleled with up to 16 units, allowing energy systems to grow and adapt to increasing needs, whether for on-grid or off-grid operations.

4. Flexible retrofit options

The inverter can be AC-coupled to retrofit existing solar systems, offering an easy upgrade path without the need for complete replacements.

5. Intelligent energy management

Ability to configure battery charging and discharging over six time periods, optimizing energy use by storing when demand and prices are low and discharging when demand and prices are high.

6. User-friendly interface

Equipped with a colorful LCD touchscreen, offering an intuitive user interface for easy monitoring and adjustment. IP65 protection against dust and water, ensuring durability in a variety of installation environments.

Main Screen

The LCD screen is touch-sensitive and displays general inverter information.

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1 - The icon in the center of the home screen indicates that the system is operating normally. If it displays "comm./F01~F64", this means that the inverter is experiencing communication or other errors. The error message will be displayed below this icon (errors F01-F64, error details can be viewed in the System Alarms menu).

2- At the top of the screen is the time.

3 - System configuration icon. Press this button to access the system configuration screen, which includes basic configuration, battery configuration, network configuration, system operating mode, generator port usage, advanced functions and Li-Ion battery information.

4 - The main screen displays solar, network, load and battery information. It also indicates the direction of power flow by arrows. As power approaches a high level, the color of the panels changes from green to red, providing a clear view of system information on the main display.

- PV power and charging power always remain positive.

- Negative grid power means selling to the grid, positive means receiving from the grid.

- Negative battery power means charging, positive means discharging.

image illustrationRemote shutdown function

Intelligent monitoring platform

Thanks to the intelligent monitoring platform, inverter products in the Deye complete series support remote shutdown immediately in the event of an accident. Parameter settings and firmware updates can be performed remotely, facilitating the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

Technical data

Compatibility and Battery Input

Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, automatically adapting to battery management systems (BMS). Battery voltage range from 150V to 425V.

High efficiency

Maximum efficiency of 97.6%, European efficiency of 96.5% and MPPT efficiency in excess of 99%, guaranteeing maximum energy conversion and minimum losses.

Nominal power

Models available from 5kW to 8kW (SUN-5K, SUN-6K, SUN-7.6K, and SUN-8K), with peak power capacities up to double the rated power for durations of 10 seconds.

Advanced protection mechanisms

Includes comprehensive protection features: DC reverse polarity protection, AC output overcurrents, AC output overvoltages, thermal protection and ground fault protection.

Standards compliance

Meets numerous international safety and performance standards, including IEEE 1547.1, EN 62109-1/2 and UL 1741.

Operating range

Works well over a wide temperature range (-40°C to +60°C) and can operate at altitudes of up to 2000 meters, maintaining noise levels below 30dB.

Monitoring and communication

Supports various monitoring and communication interfaces, including GPRS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G and LAN. RS485, RS232 and CAN communication interfaces for robust connectivity and flexible integration.

Physical specifications


Measures 420mm × 670mm × 233mm, compact and easy to install.


Weighs 30kg, for easy handling and installation.


Intelligent air cooling for efficient thermal management.

Protection class

IP65 protection, suitable for various indoor and outdoor installations.

Warranty and Support


5-year or 10-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of reliability. Warranty period may vary according to installation site and applicable terms.

The Deye SUN-(5-8K)K-SG01LP1-US hybrid inverter is a powerful and flexible solution for optimized energy management. With high efficiency, comprehensive protection and advanced control features, it's perfect for your energy storage and solar application needs. Its intelligent design and robust features make it an excellent choice for modern energy needs.


Data sheet

400 mm
670 mm
Max. load current
120 A
IP protection
Starting voltage
125 V
Type of cooling
Intelligent cooling
Standard warranty (years)
5 years
Maximum discharge current
120 A
Battery Type
Lithium-ion & lead-acid
Battery Voltage Range
40 ~ 60 V
Operating temperature range
-45~60℃, greater than 45℃ downgrading
32 kg
Peak power
2 times rated power, 10 S (off-grid)
Power factor
0.8 ahead to 0.8 behind
Below 30 dB
Max. PV input voltage
370 (125~500) V
Maximum efficiency
97.6 %
223 mm
Max. DC input power
6500 W
MPPT voltage range
150-425 V
DC voltage range at full load
300-425 V
PV input current
13+13 A
17+17 A
Number of MPPT / strings per MPPT
AC output and inverter power ratings
5000 W
Maximum AC output power
5500 W
Rated AC output current
20.8/24 A
Maximum alternating current
22.9/26.4 A
Maximum continuous passage of alternating current
40 A
Output frequency and voltage
50 / 60Hz; L1/L2/N(PE) 120/240Vac (separate phase), 208Vac (2/3 phase), L/N/PE 220/230Vac (single-phase)
Network type
Split phase; 2/3 phase; Single phase
DC injection current
THD inférieur à 3% (charge linéaire inférieur à 1,5%) (mA)
External temperature sensor
Courbe de charge
3 levels / equalization
Charging strategy for Li-Ion batteries
Self-tuning to BMS
Communication with the BMS
RS485; CAN

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