SUNAERO economical solar heating


    Improving thermal comfort in the home and reinforcing energy autonomy in the face of fluctuating energy prices - this is the challenge Solar Brother engineers have taken up in 2023 with the design of the SUNAERO energy-saving solar heater.

    Designed for all types of housing, the SUNAERO heater is easy to install on a sunny façade or roof, and produces heat autonomously and free of charge. With SUNAERO, your home becomes warmer, more economical and more ecological.

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    SUNAERO economical solar...


    Présentation Sunaero

    The SUNAERO energy-saving heater provides your home with free heat from the first rays of sunshine. Powered by an inexhaustible energy source and a 32-Watt photovoltaic panel, it's totally autonomous. Installed on the sunny facade (roof or ground), it consists of 1 to 3 aerothermal panels, depending on your home.

    What's more, its dual action of heat and airflow is ideal for dehumidifying rooms (second homes, sheds, garden workshops, off-grid housing) and for drying all year round: dehydrating plants, fruit and vegetables, dehumidifying wood and drying laundry.

    SUNAERO features a manual thermostat with 2 modes: heating/drying, hydrometric sensors and 3-speed ventilation to precisely regulate temperature and humidity. A mobile application lets you monitor SUNAERO production in real time and adjust its parameters remotely.

    Sans électricité Sans gaz Ø coût énergétique

    + Heat

    Installed on a sunny façade (roof or base), SUNAERO independently produces heat in the home, free of charge. The additional 3°c to 5°c of heat injected into the room can reduce energy consumption by up to 35% when SUNAERO is heated ("Lowering your thermostat by 1°C means 7% less on your bill" Source Ademe).


    + Dehumidify

    SUNAERO dehumidifies rooms thanks to its dual action of heat + air flow. Equipped with humidity probes, it regulates the humidity level in your room (recommended between 40% and 60%). Designed with an outside air intake, a non-return valve and a filtration cassette, it delivers healthy air to your home (second homes, workshops, cellars, garden sheds, etc.).


    + Dry

    Installed on a drying hut, SUNAERO can dehydrate large volumes of plants, fruit and vegetables, dehumidify wood and dry linen all year round. Its thermostat features a "drying" mode for precise adjustment of all parameters. A "night drying" socket is available as an option.

     Une totale autonomie

    Total autonomy

    SUNAERO is equipped with a 32-Watt photovoltaic panel powered by an inexhaustible energy source. Its operation is totally autonomous, providing your home with long-lasting heat.


     Plug & Play

    Plug & Play

    Quick & easy installation

    SUNAERO slides onto a south/southeast façade (wood, chipboard, brick, stone), a roof or a mobile base that can be oriented in the sun. The warm air inlet requires a 140 mm opening.

    Installation 1 to 2 people / Panel 13kg



    1,2 or 3 panels

    With an air outlet that can be oriented in any direction, and scalable modularity of 1, 2 or 3 aerothermal solar panels, SUNAERO adapts to the structure of your home and your heat production needs.


    Dual-function thermostat

    Dual-function thermostat

    Zen & ergonomic manual control

    The SUNAERO thermostat is installed in the home with manual control over 2 modes: heating and drying. It lets you set the desired temperature, adjust ventilation and switch to wifi mode with ease.

     Application mobile

    Mobile application

    Heat, dehumidify & dry remotely

    A Wi-fi-connected mobile application provides high-performance, customizable remote management. Monitor heat production in real time, and adjust humidity, temperature and fan speed to suit your needs!

     Technologie SUNAERO

    SUNAERO technology

    Solar Brother engineers have developed a unique, patented insulation technology to maximize heat retention and transfer. Coupled with a high-performance solar absorber (96% absorption rate), SUNAERO offers optimum performance with a return on investment of 5 years or more.

    Production capacity of 700 kwh/year per panel

    Thermal efficiency > 80%.

    A thrifty ally for your home



    With the first rays of sunshine, you generate free heat.



    SUNAERO is always at your side in the face of fluctuating energy prices.



    Your home combines its heating systems and diversifies its resources.



    Its inexhaustible energy source provides sustainable, off-grid heat.

    Design & Durable

    Design & Sustainability

    Brilliant living


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