Système de montage Blubase configuration paysage


    Blubase roof and terrace mounting system, landscape configuration.

    The price shown does not include Connect paysage grand ballast tanks.
    This is available by clicking here.
    You can send us your project by e-mail - info@wattuneed - so that we can estimate the number of ballast tanks required.

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    Clames: 28 mm
    Number of panels in landscape: 1 panel

    Système de montage Blubase...


    Système de fixation Blubase

    Blubase mounting system landscape configuration


    Mounting system for flat roofs

    When installing high-quality solar panels, you want to be able to rely on the quality of the mounting system. Connect stands out not only for creating a solid structure, but also for incredibly fast assembly. The parts we supply are almost all assembled. This means you only need one basic element on the roof. Unfold, clip and go!


    Robust Magnelis steel

    The BluBase Connect system is available in South, Portrait and East-West configurations.

    Connect is suitable for all configurations and all standard PV modules. Thanks to its unique structure, less ballast is required and the load on the roof is reduced. In addition, rear deflectors provide extra strength and optimal wind deflection.


    Connect = clip on and go!

    Our ready-to-use base elements are available in two sizes and can be assembled quickly. Just unfold, clip and go! Thanks to a variety of connectors, you decide where the passages are to be. This makes for a highly flexible installation plan, enabling you to make the most of the available roof surface.

    Our practical conduits allow you to store all your cables quickly and safely, then simply clip the optimizer onto the base. The Connect mounting system has very few parts, allowing you to mount two panels on a single base element.

    How to choose the right system for my panels

    Choosing the right mounting system for your panels couldn't be easier: simply select the number of panels per row in the options.

    If you want a 2nd row, you'll need to add a second mounting system to your basket.

    > For Connect large landscape ballast trays, follow the link below to add the product to your system.
    This is not directly included in the system displayed.

    You can send us your project by e-mail - info@wattuneed - so that we can evaluate the quantity of bins required.

    >> The Connect 1500 connection system enables you to connect several lines of panels. 

    This product is available by clicking here.

    Product details

    Qty panel/s on one lineBasic element
    Connect Landscape
    Back plate Connect
    landscape large
    Pince easy
    universelle Connect
    Connect veneer
    1 panel2144
    2 panels3265
    3 panels4386
    4 panels54107
    5 panels65128
    6 panels76149
    7 panels871610
    8 panels981811
    9 panels1092012
    10 panels11102213
    11 panels12112414
    12 panels13122615
    13 panels14132816
    14 panels15143017
    15 panels16153218
    16 panels17163419
    17 panels18173620
    18 panels19183821
    19 panels20194022
    20 panels21204223

    Qty panels on two linesBasic Connect
    Connect large
    landscape backplate
    Pince easy
    universelle Connect
    Connect veneer
    Connect 1500
    2 panels42882
    4 panels6412103
    6 panels8616124
    8 panels10820145
    10 panels121024166
    12 panels141228187
    14 panels161432208
    16 panels181636229
    18 panels2018402410
    20 panels2220442611
    998 Items

    Data sheet

    Flat roof - floor structure

    Specific References


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