Sofar Solar 5KTLM-G3 single-phase inverter

Sofar Solar 5KTLM-G3 single-phase inverter

€ 706,69

• Integrated function zero return to the grid (self-consumption)

• Optional AFCI function

• Compact design, light weight

• Natural cooling, no fan, low noise level

• Maximum efficiency of 98.4%.

• Two MPPT trackers with 1.5x DC overload

• 10-year warranty


CAREFUL : AC output power of 5500W (5500VA) it is impossible to install this inverter in single phase in Belgium.


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Sofar Solar 5KTLM-G3...

€ 706,69

Sofar Solar 5KTLM-G3 single-phase inverter


The new G3 single-phase inverter with 2 MPPT trackers for residential PV systems

SOFAR 3K... 6KTLM-G3 is the upgraded version of SofarSolar's residential inverter series. With its sleek IP65 design and natural cooling for quiet operation, the inverter is perfectly suited for small residential installations.

The inverter is also equipped with two MPPT trackers and a built-in I-V curve scanning function, which allows for more complex installations, for example those with shading problems or different roof orientations.

A WiFi key comes with the inverter, to easily connect the inverter to the SofarSolar monitoring portal.

High efficiency


• Maximum efficiency of 98.4%.
• Accurate real-time MPPT algorithm for maximum exploitation
• Wide operating range of input voltage

All in one. Flexible and cost-effective system solution


• Choice of free space thanks to IP65
• Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the "Plug & Play" connection
• Interface selection - Wi-Fi / RS485 /GPRS
• LCD screen + LED
• Built-in zero export function (optional)

Low maintenance cost


• Detachable cover for easy installation
• Stainless aluminum covers
• A flexible control solution

Intelligent power grid management


• Reactive power capability
• Self-reducing power in case of over-frequency
• Remote control of active/reactive power limit

Output power AC 5500W (5500 VA): the legislation in Belgium does not allow the installation of this model of inverter because of its AC output power. It is possible to install the inverter on an installation whose electricity and natural gas distribution system operator is RESA.


Max PV input power Recommended 7500 Wp
Max power Direct current by MPPT 3750 W
Number of MPP trackers 2
Number of DC entries 1 for each MPPT
Max input voltage 600 V
Starting voltage 90 V
Nominal input voltage 380 V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 80 – 550 V
Full MPPT power in voltage range 210 – 500 V
Max. input MPPT current 15 / 15 A
Max input short-circuit current By MPPT 22.5 / 22.5 A
AC output
Rated power 5000 W
Max power In AC 5500 VA
Max output current 25
Rated network voltage L / N / PE, 230 Vac
Network voltage range 180 – 276 Vac (according to local standards)
Nominal network frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Network frequency range 45 – 55 Hz / 55 – 65 Hz (according to local standards)
Adjustable active power range 0 – 100 %
THDi < 3%
Power factor 1 default (adjustable +/-0.8)
Max efficiency 98,40%
Weighted European efficiency 97,50%
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
DC switch Optional
Security protection Anti-islanding, leakage current detection, earth defect monitoring
Lightning conductor Varistor : Type III standard
Standard mode of communication RS485 / Wi-fi / Bluetooth, optional: Ethernet
Ambient temperature range - 30°C to 60°C
Night consumption <1 W
Topology Without transformer
Degree of protection IP65
Permitted relative humidity range 0 – 100 %
Max. altitude Operational 4000 m
Noise < 25 dB
Weight 10 kg
Cooling Natural
Size 349 x 344 x 164 mm
Display LCD, App via Bluetooth
Guarantee 10 years
EMC (electromagnetic accounting) EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 61000-3-11, EN 61000-3-12
Safety standards IEC 62109-1/2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 61683, IEC 60068 (1,2,14,30)
Network Standards VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE V 0126-1-1, V 0124-100, IEC 0-21, G98 / G99, C10/11, EN 50549, RD1699
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Inverter power
Monophasé / Triphasé
Nombre de MPPT

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Sofar 3-6 KTLM-G3 Fiche Tech-FR

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Sofar 3-6 KTLM-G3 Conformite

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Sofar 3-6 KTLM-G3 Manual EN

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