Off-grid 1500W 48V wind turbine FX


Off-grid 1500W 24V wind turbine FX 

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" The only range of European windturbine with 15 years guarantee "


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Quality manufacturing

The body of the wind is steel coated with an epoxy baked treatment. This treatment gives resistance to rust and salt sprayThis choice of materials and processing gives the windturbine an extreme durability. Welds are made by hand and controlled in the valley of the Arve in FranceThis place is worldwide well known for the quality and design ofmechanical parts. These welds are not done by industrial lasers.


The choice of materialsthe treatment given and the body design help ensure a 15-year warranty on mechanical parts.


The blades

The windturbines are equipped with 9 flexible blades. They help soften the blow of the wind gusts (wall effect) which limits efforts on fasteners. The blades number is not chosen by chance. This choice allows an optimal regularity and power production. The system does not search a production peak but rather a regular and stable production.

The generator

The generator used is currently the best on the market with its 16 magnets on the stator and 48 magnets on the rotor. This allows a production with lowrotational speed and thus substantially increase the lifetimeThis is a English generator with an inverted axis. This means that the blades are attached directly to the generator, the axis is attached to the body of the turbine. This has the advantage of being well balancedthereby preventing vibration, and to use the of the generator in order to increase the inertia.These specifications make the difference compared with the competitors.

Electric Safe

The decoupling network monitors the voltage of the home grid. In case of power failure, it disconnects the inverter. This is a mandatory protectionimposed by the European standard for grid feed-in.


The EcoWatt box

boitier EcoWattThis box will allow you to view the output of your windturbine. You will monitor the current, average and total production. You will also, through its software and USB cable, transfer your data to your computer and see your daily, monthly and annual output. This box works with radio wave. So you can install it everywhere in the house.






The choice of elements

  • Masts: they are made, studied, calculated and tested in France. They ensure quality and optimum strength
  • English generator and power inverter: The combination of these two elements is not a coincidence. The operating range of the generator and inverter are perfectly consistent.





Power1000w and 1500w
Blades9 Flexible blades 
Generatormagnets permanents

24v for 1000w

48v for 1500w

Inverter voltage

10,8-30V for 1000w

22-60V for 1500w

External noise

22Db for 1000w

24Db for 1500w

CoatedOven-baked epoxy
Fixingsleeving diameter 50
Made inFrance

15 years mechanical

2 years electronics