Wind turbine Newmeil x-300


685,70 € tax incl.


Wind turbine Newmeil X-300 100 W 12V or 24V

  • Supplied with its charge regulator
  • Silent and vibration-free
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for small appliances

Our products are designed to achieve high quality standards while being affordable for everyone.



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Wind turbine Newmeil X-300


Our products are designed to achieve high quality standards while being affordable for everyone.

We have given special attention to the compactness and lightness of this model while retaining the same technologies we have developed for the most powerful wind turbines. 

This wind turbine was created to provide energy on the move. If you are planning a boat trip or a weekend in nature, the V-300 is the perfect companion.

The Newmeil X-300 turbine is supplied with its charge regulator.






※ Low noise and vibration
※ Low wind speed at start up
※ High efficiency at low wind speed
※ Nominal wattage 100W
※ Light weight
※ Carbon fiber composite blades
※ Aerodynamic design of the bodywork
※ Anti-rust, corrosion-resistant and long-life
※ Easy to install and maintenance free
※ 3 years warranty





Type of wind turbineHorizontal axis, upstream of the wind
Rotor diameter900 mm
Net weight7.8 kg
Diameter of the Tower48-50 mm
Number of blades 5
Blade materialsCarbon fibre reinforced plastic
Mass of the blades 216g/PCs
Body materialDie cast aluminium
Body constructionFully in one
Product finishThermo powder coating base clamp
Connecting the Towerbolt clamp
Start wind speed1.8 m/s
Reduced wind speed2.5 m/s
Survival wind speed 50m/s
Nominal power100W (11M/s)
Nominal rotor speed700 rpm
Maximum power300W (16m/s)
Working temperature range-40 °c to 60 °c
Product life span (years)15
The sound pressure levelLAeq 33dB @ 5M/s @ 5M/s @ 5M behind the rotor (air density of 1.225 kg/m³)
generator Three-phase power generator of synchronous type neodymium-iron-bore magnets
Braking systemOff-grid 12V or 24V
Lace controlAerodynamic and aerodynamic braking system at speed higher than the speed of the blade
Steering control360 degrees free
Steering control
Rear tracing
Control systemBraking mode
Recommended systemcontrol out network: lead acid battery with deep discharge safety
Note: at the speed of the starting wind, it produces electricity, but it requires a higher wind speed to charge the battery or transfer it over the network.


Wind TurbinWith
Voltage12V / 24V
Power300 VA