Victron multi 12V / 24V / 48V - 5000VA 800
Victron multi 12V / 24V / 48V - 5000VA 800
Victron multi 12V / 24V / 48V - 5000VA 800

Victron multi 12V / 24V / 48V - 5000VA 800


Victron ups Multiplus 12V: 800 to 3000VA, 24V: 800 to 5000VA, 48V: 800 to 5000VA. 

The Victron multi inverter brings together in a single compact a sine wave inverter pure sine, a sophisticated charger and a fast ultra CA transfer switch. 

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Victron Multiplus: 12V/800VA/35-16

Victron multi 12V / 24V /...


Multifunctional inverter, with intelligent management of energy


The Multiplus Victron UPS has many functions. It brings together in a single compact a sine wave inverter, a sophisticated charger and a fast ultra CA transfer switch. It's a powerful battery charger which requires strong intensitees. It is possible to limit the power of load via the control panel. 

The most important functions are "Powerassist" and the "Powercontrol". These functions are to take energy from the batteries and to add output when demand exceeds the capacity of the generator or the shore power. With these functions, it is possible to manage peak intensities greater than the power of a group or a connection for a short period of time. The extra power is used to recharge the batteries when the power demand decreases.

 Inverter victron multiplus



2 outputs CA


The main output allows a continuous supply. In the event of network disconnection or failure, the multiplus inverter takes over very quickly (20 milliseconds) to power the connected loads which allows not to disturb the functioning of the connected electronic devices. The second output is active when the CA is available on one of the entries of the inverter. It lets you connect devices that do not start battery (e.g. a heater)

More power output


You can connect up to 6 multiplus inverters in parallel for more power output



victron multiplus three-phase diagram

You can connect 3 multiplus inverters of the same model for output to three phase. (up to 6 sets of 3 inverters)



The powerful battery charger built into the case, ask the connection strong intensities. The control panel allows you to limit this power and only using the surplus for the charge, which avoids overloads



Schema powerassist victron multiplus

This function allows to complete the capacity of the alternative source in case of short-term power demand. When the power demand decreases, the surplus is used to recharge the batteries

Simple installation


The multiplus inverter is directly ready for use, it requires a computer to be programmed. Ability to schedule its operation with DIP switches



Victron inverters are guaranteed for 2 years

Technical characteristics


Technical characteristics

Application Victron Energy

application apple victronMonitor and manage your Victron Energy System. Login with your account VRM, to see all your products. Tap on a product to see its schema, the State of the system and the flow of energy.

The Victron application is available for free on the Apple app store.

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The Victron multi range is available as an option (in the dropdown at the top of page)


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Data sheet

Inverter power
800 VA à 5000 VA
Monophasé / Triphasé

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