Self standing AF500 solar tracker


798,60 € tax incl.

The AF500 solar tracker was specifically designed for use in countries close to the equator. Indeed, the horizontal axis sun tracking (following the east to west sun movement) is particularly effective in these countries. This solar tracker is adaptable to other latitudes, the slope can be changed according to the latitude.

Comes without panels.

Made to order. Contact us for more information.

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" The autonomous solar tracker AF500 is developed and manufactured in our workshops. This solar tracker is 100% Belgian-made "

tracker autonome AF500

tracker autonome AF500


Operation: "simplicity and ingenuity"


The solar tracking is performed using two light sensors. The system is completely self-sufficient thanks to a lithium battery and a charge controller.

The main advantage of the lithium battery is that it can accept very high temperatures (up to 60 ° C).

This tracker is extremely easy to install and requires no maintenance .


tracker autonome AF500

The kit contents:


  • 1 x AF500 solar tracker structure 
  • 1 x control system (solar tracking)
  • 1 x lithium 12V418h
  • 1 x 10A charge regulator
  • 1 x 20W PV module




tracker autonome AF500

Fully removable structure, suitable for transport


aluminum profiles

SST bolts

laid on the ground without bindings!




Electronics: simple and robust!


  • Crouzet PLC
  • Light sensor
  • Lithium battery and solar charging system
  • autonomous system

tracker autonome AF500




Daily production in North Africaminimum 2.5 kWh

Daily production in North Africaminimum 3.5 kWh

Annual production in North Africa: 1100 kWh