Transformation and security box for solar pumping 3x400V


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This box provides power to all three phase 400V pumps .
It contains :
- A DC disconnect switch, 
- A solar Pump Drives ACS355 (ABB), 
- An AC circuit breaker.

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" Transformation and security box for solar pumping "

Coffret de protection pour pompage solaire 

This box provides power to all three-phase 400V pumps.

The power of the Solar Pump Drive must be adapted to the pump (please select the right Drive in the option). The number and power of the PV modules must be adapted to that power too.

The box is sealed and equipped with MC4 connectors for quick and secure connection of photovoltaic panels. It contains :

> A DC switch allows to cut the arrival of solar panels to the inverter.

> An ABB ASC355 solar Pump Drives that has been specifically developed for solar pumping applications. These drives are equipped with software adapted to solar pumping, a soft start function and a dry running detection function. They perfectly protect pump motors.

> An AC circuit breaker that protects the pump output.

In option, it is possible to add a switch that allows to use the pumps with a photovoltaic source or with the network or a generator.





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