MX FLEX Protect Solar Panel Back Contact 30Wp


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Perfect for nomadic uses (camping, boat), MX Flex solar panels are also useful for isolated sites.
Back Contact Cell technology is the top of monocrystalline cells, yielding up to 22% efficiency.
Easy to install, the panel adapts to the support thanks to its flexibility and extremely light weight. Its ETFE coating gives it watertightness and increased resistance to saline, wet or weathered environments.




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New generation of MX-FLEX Protect pane

lETFE coating makes it even stronger

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Wattuneed's new MF-FLEX PROTECT is twice as durable and twice as durable thanks to its ETFE coating! UV, saline environment, dust, a novelty that will accompany you everywhere.



Material Properties


• Excellent resistance to impact
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Excellent resistance to stress cracking
• Operating temperature from -200 ° C to + 150 ° C


Sunpower MX FLEX 30Wc

Marine camping or mobile use


Flexible MX FLEX 30Wp solar panels are suitable for marine camping or mobile use.


You can also use them in other circumstances such as on remote sites. Perfect for charging the batteries of your boat, campervan or to feed an autonomous system.

Waterproof, they are highly resistant to saline environments and wet weather !

The MXFLEX panel are flexible and really light and adapt perfectly and easily to wherever you want to place them.



Custom Panel picto

MX FLEX panels can be made to measure


The panel fits perfectly to your boat or camper van.
Interesting from 10 pieces.
Please, contact us to know more about our custom panels. 
Allow 3 weeks for manufacturing (for personnalised panel).

  Technical characteristics



Peak power (Pmax)30W
Voltage (vmp)17,6V
Open circuit voltage(Voc)21,2V
Short circuit current (Isc)1,83A
Currant (Imp)1,70A
Module efficiency19%
Cell efficiency22%

sunpower 30Wc mx flex junction


The MXFLEX panel adapt perfectly, easily to install 


Through its flexible, small size and extremely lightweight weight (770g), you can easily fix the roof of a boat, the roof of an RV or even the hood of a car ... its limits are those of your imagination.

The waterproof junction box at the front of the panel and MC4 connectors allow you to connect quickly and easily.



Sunpower MX FLEX 600Wc


"Back Contact" technology cells 


With its Back Contact monocrystalline cells with high efficiency (22%) the FLEX MX panels integrate the best in terms of photovoltaic technology!

The cells optimize the performance of the panel when it is in low light conditions, maximizing the performance of the panel regardless of the weather conditions, and throughout the year.

Back Contact technology Solar panels are particularly suitable for isolated installations thanks to their optimized performance.

The fastening points located on the four corners allow you to fix it easily everywhere.



Cablage panneau MX FLEX



Cables and connectors


MX Flex panels are supplied with 80cm cable with Type MC4 connectors grimped







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  •  the 26/03/2020
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  •  the 20/03/2020
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Livraison très rapide mais panneau reçu Très sale et emballage très moyen. Apparemment les panneaux sont stockés non emballés. On a pas l’impression de recevoir un produit neuf.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 10/04/2018
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Très, très bien pour le capacité de charge. Nécessite la confection d'un cadre pour une utilisation sur une perche. je désirerais savoir si on peut percer un trou sur la bordure neutre du panneau solaire sans affaiblir la structure. Si oui avez vous des conseils pour le perçage? Merci. Salutations
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produit de trés bonne qualité
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Bon état de réception
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site avec beaucoup de chois
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bon choix pour mon utilisation.un petit bémol cependant,dommage qu'il n'y est pas les connecteurs de liaisons.manque l'info je crois.
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Délais respectés - produit correspondant & bien embalé. Nickel.
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Correspond à mon besoin
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Très bon produit, bien fini
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Par rapport à la souplesse du produit, je m'attendais à un produit beaucoup plus souple.
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A voir à l'usage !
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  •  the 20/10/2014
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Produit délivrant un rapport W/m2 très performant, content de mon achat destiné au tableau arrière de mon bateau.
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  •  the 17/10/2014
  • 5/5
Réponds bien a mon attente, produit discret sur un toit de remorque, ce qui le protège un peu du vol! et efficace au niveau charge.


Weight0,77 kg
Panel typeSouples
Max. Power - Wp30
Open circuit voltage (Voc)21,2 V
Short circuit current (Isc)1,83 A
Max. power current (Imp)1,70 A
Max. power voltage17,6 V
Width395 mm
Height535 mm
Thickness3 mm