Solar panel MX FLEX 140 Wc


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Perfect for nomadic uses (camping, boating), MX Flex solar panels are also useful for isolated sites.
Back Contact cell technology is the top single crystal cell, giving a yield of up to 22%.
Easy to install, the panel adapts to the support thanks to its flexibility and extremely light weight. Its ETFE coating provides it with tightness and increased resistance to saline, wet or weathered environments.

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New generation of MX-FLEX Protect panel

ETFE coating makes it even stronger

Wattuneed's new MF-FLEX PROTECT is twice as durable and twice as durable thanks to its ETFE coating! UV, salty environment, dust, a novelty that will accompany you everywhere.

Material properties


• Excellent impact resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Excellent resistance to stress cracking
• Operating temperature from -200°C to +150°C

MxFlex 140Wp connector

The flexible solar panels MX FLEX 140Wp, are suitable for marine, camping, nomadic or isolated site use

You will also be able to use them in other circumstances such as on isolated sites.

Perfect for recharging the batteries of your boat, camper or to power an autonomous system.

Stanches, they are very resistant to saline, wet and bad weather environments!

The MXFLEX panels are ultra flexible and really lightweight. They will fit perfectly and simply to any place where you want to place them

Our MX FLEX panels can be made to measure


The panel fits perfectly to your boat or vehicle.
Interesting from 10 pieces.
Contact us by phone, email or chat to find out the price of our personalized panels.

Allow 3 weeks of time for custom manufacturing.

Easy to install, the panel adapts to the support


Thanks to its flexibility and extremely light weight, you can easily fix it on the roof of a boat, the roof of a motorhome or even the hood of a car... its limits are those of your imagination.

The waterproof junction box attached to the front of the panel and its mc4 connectors will allow you to connect it easily and easily.

Eyelets for fastening

Solar cells "Back Contact"


With its very high efficiency Back Contact monocrystalline cells (22%), MX FLEX panels have the best in photovoltaic technology!

These types of cells optimize the panel's performance when it is in low light conditions, which optimizes the panel's performance regardless of weather conditions throughout the year.

Solar panels with Back Contact cells are particularly suitable for installations not connected to the grid thanks to their optimized efficiency.

Fixing eyelets located on the 4 corners will allow you to fix it very simply or you wish

Wiring and connectors


The MX Flex panels are equipped with 80cm of cable with Type MC4 connectors at the ends



Maximum peak power (Pmax)140W
T Maximum power point voltage (Vmpp)28.8V
Current at the point of maximum power (Impp)6.4V
Open circuit voltage (VOC)35.2V
Short circuit current (ISC)
Output sheetConnector Type MC4
Direction of the output wire On the front
Installation holes 4 carnations
Sealing index IP67
waist930 x 900 x 2.5 mm
weight2.6 kg


 Examples of use




Weight0,7 kg
CouleurFull Black
Panel typeSouples
Max. Power - Wp140
Open circuit voltage (Voc)28.8 V
Max. power current (Imp)6.40 A
Pannel efficiency19 %
Width900 mm
Height930 mm