Solar panel Q.Cells DUO ML-G9 375Wc monocrystallin


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The latest great new addition to Q CELLS: the solar module Q.PEAK DUO ML-G9 offers maximum power and efficiency to your photovoltaic installations, all accompanied by Q CELLS excellence.


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The latest great new addition to Q CELLS: the solar module Q.Cells DUO ML-G9 offers maximum power and efficiency to your photovoltaic installations, all accompanied by Q CELLS excellence.

They have combined Q CELLS expertise and equipped our patented Q.ANTUM Technology with a new wiring that allows us to significantly reduce the space between cells. This reduction allows more solar cells to be installed in a module and thus generate more energy. A principle that seems very simple, but that results from the details that Q CELLS engineers have developed and refined over the years in order to be able to offer them standard with our models.

A simple reduction in the distance between Q.ANTUM solar cells allows up to 21.1% increase in efficiency. We've developed Q.Cells DUO ML-G9 specifically to meet the requirements of public housing as well as industrial and commercial buildings: high yields in small spaces. Thanks to Q.ANTUM DUO Z, solar modules Q.Cells DUO ML-G9 fit seamlessly visually and also offer excellent performance. This gives you access to a very affordable photovoltaic current.

The perfect solution for:

  • Residential roofing facilities,
  • Commercial and industrial roofing facilities.

All the benefits of the Q Cells DUO ML-G9 panel


Icon: To cross the 20% efficiency barrierTo cross the 20% efficiency barrier
The Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology combined with a spacing-free cell configuration increases the module's efficiency to a value of 21.1%.


Icon: Innovative technology in all weathersInnovative technology in all weathers
Optimal yields in all weathers thanks to excellent low-light carries and temperature variations.


Icon: Continuous performanceContinuous performance
Long-term performance security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.


Icon: Suitable for extreme weatherSuitable for extreme weather
High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified to withstand high snow (6000 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa) loads.


Icon: Investment securityInvestment security
12-year product warranty, as well as a 25-year linear performance guarantee.


Icon: State-of-the-art solar module technologyState-of-the-art solar module technology
Q.ANTUM DUO combines innovative semi-cell and wiring technology with advanced Q.ANTUM Technology.



Panel dimensions



type132 half-cell module
Cells6 x 22 half-cells Q.ANTUM
Power classes375 Wc
Front-facing2.8 mm of tempered glass with anti-reflective technology
BacksideComposite film
frameBlack anodized aluminium
Temperature coefficient-0.35%/K
yieldUp to 21.1%
size1840 mm × 1030 mm × 32 mm (with frame)
weight19.5 kg
connector Type MC4
Minimum performance under standard STC test conditions
MPP Power375 Wc
ISC short-circuit current10.62 A
Empty tension44.96 V
Current at the MPP10.09 A
Tension at MPP37.18 V
yield≥ 19.8%
Minimum performance under normal NMOT operating conditions
MPP Power280.80 W
Short-circuit current8.55 A
Empty tension42.39 V
Current at the MPP7,936 A
Tension at MPP35.39 V
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Weight19,5 kg
Panel typeHigh efficiency
Max. Power - Wp375
Open circuit voltage (Voc)44,96 V
Short circuit current (Isc)10,62 A
Max. power current (Imp)10,09 A
Max. power voltage37,18 V
Pannel efficiency19,8%
Width1030 mm
Height1840 mm
Frame32 mm