Hyundai 345 Wc Full Black Solar Panel View full size

Hyundai 345 Wc Full Black Solar Panel

Hyundai Energy Solutions

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1622 - 1068 - 35 mm (L - L - H)
19.8 kg
Shingled Technology
More low-light energy generation

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Technology shingled PERC


The PERC Shingled technology offers ultra-high performance with better performance in the event of low irradiation. Maximizes installation capacity in a limited space.


Anti-LID / PID

LID (light-induced degradation) and PID (potential induced degradation) are strictly eliminated to ensure higher real performance over the lifetime.


Mechanical force

The tempered glass and reinforced frame design withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow and strong winds.


Extended product warranty

A global brand with great financial power offers a reliable 20-year product warranty.



Various tests under difficult environmental conditions such as ammonia and salt fog were successful.


UL / VDE Test Laboratories

Hyundai's research and development centre is a test laboratory accredited to both UL and VDE.






Nominal output (pmp)345W
Open-circuit tension (Voc)45,3V
Short-circuit current (Isc)9,55Will
Tension at Pmax (Vmpp)37,5V
Current to Pmax (Impp)9,2Will
Module efficiency19,9%
Cell typeMonocrystalline silicon-
Maximum system voltage1500V
Coefficient de temperature de Pmax%/K- 0.34% / C 
Coefficient de temperature de Voc- 0.27% / C%/K
Coefficient de temperature de Isc$0.04% / C%/K
Size1622 - 1068 - 35 (L - L - H)Mr
Solar cells340 cells, 6"PERC Silicon Silicon Solar Cells with Silicon (in increments of 5) 
Exit cablesLength 1000mm, 1X4mm2 
ConnectorCompatible with MC4 
Bypass box Nominal current: 15A, IP67, TUV and UL 
Construction Front glass: white tempered safety glass, 3.2 mm encapsulation: EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) 
FrameworkAnodized aluminium profile 
Nominal temperature of cell function42.3 - 2 -42.3 - 2 C 
Operating temperature- 40 - 85 - 40 - 85 C 
Maximum system voltageDC 1,500/1,000 (CIS) 
Maximum reverse current20A 
Maximum surface load capacityBefore 5400 Pa - Back 2400 Pa 

Curve I-V


Weight19,8 kg
Panel typeRigids