BenQ AUO SunBravo 330Wc monocrystalline solar panel black frame View full size

BenQ AUO SunBravo 330Wc monocrystalline solar panel black frame

Benq - AUO

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Size: 1696 X 1022 X 40 mm,  
Weight: 19.6 Kg 
Rated power: 330W. 


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Power 330 Wp
Cells Monocrystalline
Dimensions 1022 mm x 1696 mm
Thickness 40mm
Weight 19,6 kg

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BenQ Solar


Icon Made in EuropeIcon ICIMBenQ Solar, by to the Optronics, the assurance of a Premium quality at the best price

The BenQ Solar brand specializes in solar product manufacturing high yield for residential customers, businesses or public services.
BenQ has experience of manufacturing which allows him to achieve first-quality products while maintaining competitive prices. 

Characteristics of the module



Module photovoltaics 330Wc BenQ

is a solar panel black frame composed of 60 cells monocrystalline silicon high-performance. 

• Multi-Busbar technology;
• Improved reliability of the Panel because of the shorter electrical courses and any impact of the microcracks;
• PID (the potential-induced degradation) level diamond;
• Diamond level: temperature 85 ° C 85% humidity and the trial extended to 1000 hours;
• Resistance to saline corrosion and moisture, strong resistance to the action of the wind;
• 12 times higher resistance to corrosion in saline, evacuation of humidity 40% larger, dynamic mechanical resistance 4 times higher than the IEC requirements. Suitable for installations in roof, ground or floating plants.
• Long warranty to 15 years on materials and finishing and a power of at least 82.5% over 25 years;
• Cost reduction BOS thanks to compatibility with systems 1500 V;
• IP68 junction box and connector MC4.
• More than three times the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) testing requirements.



Technical characteristics


Electrical data (STC)
Rated power Pn330 W
Performance of the module19.1%
Rated voltage Vmp (V)33.0
Current nominal Imp (A)10.00
Open circuit voltage Voc (V)40.3
Isc (A) short-circuit current10.53
Maximum tolerance of Pn0 / + 3%
* The data above represent effective measures under standard test conditions (STC)
STC: irradiance 1000 W/m², AM 1.5, temperature 25 ± 2 ° C, in accordance with the standard EN 60904-3
Electrical data (NOCT)
Rated power Pn238W
Rated voltage Vmp (V)29.4
Current nominal Imp (A)8.10
Open circuit voltage Voc (V)36.8
Isc (A) short-circuit current8.59
* Above are shown effective measures at the nominal conditions of operating temperature of the cells (NOCT)
NOCT: irradiance 800W/m2, AM 1.5, air temperature 20 ° C, 1 m/s wind speed
Temperature coefficient
NOCT 46 + - 2 ° C
Pn temperature coefficient-0.38%/K
Voc temperature coefficient-0.30%/K
Isc temperature coefficient0.07%/K
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions (W x D x H)1696 x 1022 x 40 mm (66.77 40.23 x x 1.57 inches)
Weight19.6 kg (43.22 lbs)
Glass frontGlass solar high transparency (tempered), 3.2 mm (0.13 inches)
Cell60 monocrystalline solar cells
BacksheetComposite film
FrameworkAnodized aluminum frame
Junction boxIP68 with 3 bypass diodes
Connector type1000V: MC4 KST4; KBT4 1 x 4 mm² (0.04 x 0.16 in²)
1500V: MC4 EVO2 KST4 / XY; KBT4-EVO2 / XY 1 x 4 mm² (0.04 x 0.16 in²)
* Dimensions of the module (L x w) Tolerance: ± 2 mm (0.079 in)


Dimensions: 1696 X 1022 X 40 mm

Certificates and guarantees

Product warranty: 10 years
Certifications: IEC / in 61215, IEC / in 61730, UL 1703 * 2


Weight19,6 kg
CouleurGris cadre noir
Panel typeRigids
Max. Power - Wp330
Open circuit voltage (Voc)40.3 V
Short circuit current (Isc)10.53 A
Max. power current (Imp)10.0 A
Max. power voltage33.0 V
Pannel efficiency19.1 %
Width1022 mm
Height1696 mm