Rec N 320Wc monocrystalline solar panel


196,49 € tax incl.


The N Peak 320 Wc of at REC features an innovative cellular technology and a robust chassis for higher efficiency and higher power design:

 • More power for electricity higher;

• Higher returns through performance improved in conditions shaded;

• Proven reliability of an established European brand.


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Power 320 Wp
Cells Monocrystalline
Dimensions 997 mm x 1675 mm
Thickness 30mm
Weight 18 kg

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Module solar N - Type Mono Premium to world class performance

The most powerful solar panel REC ever produced!

Offering up to 330 Wp in a panel of 60 cells, the REC N-Peak uses the most effective cellular technology in the industry, capturing more light from the Sun and thus providing more power. The N-Peak of REC series is ideal for residential roofing and small commercial and industrial buildings where maximum power will be installed in a limited space and where the higher power levels are to be achieved with less of modules. The unique design of the cell REC 'Twin', where the Panel is divided into two identical sections and mirror, allows also the continuous energy production, even when part of the module or the matrix is shaded, thus contributing further to its high energy yields.


Benefits of mono cells type N of the REC


based on the technology of monocrystalline cells to hautrendement, the REC N-Peak improves the efficiency of the panels through the n-type and PERT technologies:

• The technology of n-type, the in-house production of a cell reduces degradation induced by light (LID) to zero, which means no loss of power just after installation.

• Technology PERT makes rear of the cell completely passivated for capture of electrons and effectiveness high;

• The performance of advanced temperature maintains panels more fees for increased efficiency and greater returns;

• Higher returns to wavelengths higher, with good performance from dawn to dusk. The combination of the n-type and PERT contributed to create a powerful and efficient solar panel that helps you get the most out of each facility, especially when space is limited.

Super-strong chassis design


With its new chassis design with additional support bars to the back of the Panel, the reduced REC N-Peak bending and deformation of the Panel in charge everything for loads of up to 7000 Pa, exceeding widely offered 5400 Pa by the conventional panels. Increased resistance and durability of the Panel allows customers to get good energy efficiency high throughout the life of the installation. 

The new height of 30 mm chassis allows to optimize the transport to reduce the amount of trucks on the road, while reducing the footprint carbon of the product and the user. At the same time, this new design allows installation options, which facilitates the overcoming of obstacles during the design of the system.

Zero LID


The loss of production capacity in a standard solar panel during his first exposure to light energy is known as the degradation induced by light (LID). This is the result of the combination of boron and oxygen within a cell and causes a permanent reduction of the maximum power of a standard panel.
Through the use of the n-type technology, cells N-Peak of REC warns the mix of boron and oxygen at any level and, therefore, any appearance of LID can be completely avoided.
This ensures that the power of the Panel remains the same as when she left factory REC, which means that customers always receive exactly the power levels for which they paid.

Guarantee of forefront of REC

All the N-Peak of REC benefits to ensure customers a high power for the duration of guaranteed lifetime:

• The product of 12 years warranty;
• Guarantee of output linear power of 25 years;
• Maximum degradation of 0.5% per year;
• 86% of rated power guarantees after 25 years.



Data sheet


Rated power - PMPP (Wp)320
Power tolerance - (W)-0
Voltage at rated power - UMPP (V)34.2
Current at rated power - IMPP (A)9.37
Voltage in open circuit - VOC (V)40.8
Short circuit current - ISC (A)10.18
Module performance (%)19.2
Cell type:120 n-type mono cells cut
6 channels of 20 cells connected in series
GlassTempered transparent 3.2 mm
with anti-reflection treatment
Posterior leaf:Polymer construction
high resistance
Framework4 mm² 1.0 m + 1.2 m solar cable
meets EN 50618
ConnectorsStäubli MC4 PV-KBT4/KST4 (4 mm²)
comply with IEC 62852
IP68 when connecting
OriginMade in Singapore
Dimensions1675 x 997 x 30 mm
Surface1.67 m²
Weight18 kg
Operating temperature-40... + 85 ° C
Maximum system voltage1000 V
Load nominal (+): snow4666 Pa (475 kg/m²) +.
Test load mechanical max. (+)7000 Pa (713 kg/m²) *.
Load nominal (-): wind163 kg/m² (1600 Pa) +.
Power nominal maximum of fuses25A
Maximum reverse current25A
+ Calculated using a safety factor of 1.5
* Follow the instructions in the installation manual
Functional temperature of the module44 ° C (±2 ° C)
PMPP temperature coefficient:-0,35 %/°C
VOC temperature coefficient:-0,27 %/°C
ISC temperature coefficient:0.04 %/°C
* Temperature indiqees coefficients are linear values
Warranty20 years of product warranty
25 years of security for electricity production, maximum degression of 0,5% p. a. power linear, making 86% at the end of the 25th year.
Even the warranty terms for more details.


Weight18 kg
CouleurGris cadre noir
Panel typeHigh efficiency, Rigids
Max. Power - Wp320
Open circuit voltage (Voc)40,8
Short circuit current (Isc)10,18
Max. power current (Imp)9,37
Max. power voltage34,2
Width997 mm
Height1675 mm
Frame30 mm