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Panasonic HIT 245Wc monocrystalline solar panel


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This module is very versatile and is particularly suited to the narrow roofs and difficult. It allows to get a maximum return per unit area. It has a frame of 35 mm thick.
Size: 1580 x 798 x 35 mm.
Weight: 15 Kg.
Max power: 245W



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Panneau solaire Panasonic 330


25 years of experiences and achievements more advanced in the field of photovoltaics, the solar panel Panasonic HIT 245Wc is a module of high efficient performance. Resistant to high temperatures, it is advisable for the surfaceare reduced.

Its internal composition has been designed to be the most optimized possible, the technology to Panasonic heterojonction so two-sided of cell technology.

One of the undisputed and universal truths is that actions are more persuasive than words. That is why Panasonic chooses to prove his quality with facts rather than to promise the moon. They have more experience than any of their competitors in the photovoltaic and are very proud to be able to submit your review of the unprecedented case studies.

Description and features

The Panasonic 245Wc HIT photovoltaic module is a solar panel composed of 96 cells back contact to high efficiency.


  • Black anodized aluminum frame;

  • Rated power: 245Wc;

  • Technology Back Contact to optimize the performance of the cells, the light being absorbed by the back of the cell through the reflection of the support;

  • Glass with treatment anti-glare;

  • Low degradation: The cells 'type N' HIT are characterized by an extremely low degradation induced by light (LID) and the potential-induced degradation no (PID) that promotes reliability and longevity. This technology reduces annual degradation to 0.26% compared to 0.70% in the standard Panel, ensure more power for the long term;

  • Weight : 15kg.

The best performance


Cellules à hétérojonctions

1 wafer

Diamond wire saws are ingots of extremely pure single crystal silicon in silicon wafers thinner than a postcard. Each thus sliced wafer serves as substrate for solar cells to heterojonction.


2 cell

The silicon wafers are cleaned to remove impurities and then textured. The layers of amorphous silicon form of heterojonctions. Layers of transparent electrodes and electrodes of charge collection grids are trained to give solar cells to heterojonction providing the highest level of electricity production in the world. Performance, appearance and other characteristics of each cell are then inspected.


3 module

The cells are connected in series with wiring material to form "channels" which are then superimposed. After you install a junction box, Panasonic method to several inspections that go beyond international standards and frameworks. Products must successfully pass these inspections in order to be shipped to the four corners of the world.




 Features and characteristics


Electrical data (in the standard test conditions)
Power (Pmax) [w]245
Voltage at power Max (Vpm) [V]44.3
Current to the power (Ipm) [A]5.54
Voltage in open circuit (Vco) [V]53.0
(Icc) short-circuit current [A]5,86
Over-current Max [A] level15
Tolerance to power [%]+ 10 /-0
Voltage max. system [V]1 000
Performance of the Solar Panel [%]19.4
Characteristics of temperature
Temperature (NOCT) [° C]44.0
Temp coefficient. Pmax [% / ° C]-0,258
Temp coefficient. VCO [V / ° C]-0.125
Temp coefficient. LCC [my / ° C]3.22
Performance10 years (90% Pmin)
25 years (80% Pmin)
Manufacturing25 years (online registration required:
Cellphotovoltaic cells 5 inches
GlassTempered glass with anti-reflective coating
FrameworkBlack anodized aluminum
Type of connectorsSMK
Dimensions798 x 1580 x 35
Number of cells96 cells
Snow and wind load2 400 Pa

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Weight15 kg
Panel typeHigh efficiency
Panel typeRigids
Max. Power - Wp245
Open circuit voltage (Voc)42.8 V
Short circuit current (Isc)10.82 A
Max. power current (Imp)10.01 A
Max. power voltage37.0 V
Pannel efficiency21.4 %
Width1016 mm
Height1700 mm
Frame40 mm