Camper van off-grid solar kit 2x50Wp - 12V


244,00 € tax incl.

Autonomous solar Kit is intended to be on the camper van or any vehicle, where it is just necessary to recharge batteries.

-2 solar panel: polycrystalline 50pw. 
-charge controller has PWM 10,
-Mounting: glue Assembly and 8 corners of fixation, 
-Solar cable: 2X4mm² - 3 m,. 
-cable 2X4mm² battery - 2 m,. 
-MC4 crimped on the wire.


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Kit solar 100pw, ideal for caravan or motor home



Kit 100pw with solar polycrystalline, ideal for a home or vehicle with a moderate energy need.

The wiring Panel and battery is 4 mm² double insulation to ensure a load without any loss. 

Thanks to the Epsolar regulator, charging the battery in 3 steps ensuring a clean load of it.



Panneau solaire polycristallin 50Wc

2 x Panel solar 50pw

Small panel compact {linkpopup id = 'polycrystalline'}, composed of cells of first choice, guaranteeing an excellent production.

Panel dimensions: 670 x 545 x 35 mm. 
Its small size makes it discreet and easily adaptable to any type of installation: small roof, put down, space,...

-Maximum power (Pmax): 50W
-Maximum peak current (Imp): 2,6A
-Circuit voltage open (Voc): 21, 6V
-Weight: 4.5 kg

Exceptional manufacturing with high ranges materials quality.
The frame is aluminum weatherproof. The Panel provides a mechanical stability particularly strong to ensure ease of installation and transport.






connectiques du panneau 50Wc : simple et rapide


                 The connection is simple and fast (kit comes with cables and connectors {linkpopup id = 'mc4'})      






regulateur de charge pwm 10A

{linkpopup id = 'regulateurDeCharge'} LS1014B - 10A

Very sturdy design, this PWM regulator is extremely reliable and efficient.

Charging the battery in 3 phases ensuring a clean the battery charge.

  • Capacity: 10A.
  • Tension: 12v or 24V
  • This regulator can accommodate up to 240W solar panels (in a 24V system)
  • Temperature compensation 
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Technology: {linkpopup id = 'pwm'}.
  • LEDs allow to check the solar production as well as the State of charge of the battery.
  • Get the most from your regulator using the display remote optional
           -Graphical display of the State of charge of the battery
           -Display Panel, load current, battery voltage, etc.
           -All the tensions of charges can be so changed from 9 to 17V (X 2 for 24V), disconnection voltage also
           -Programming of output consumer according to a day/night mode or a time mode





The kit comes complete, the Assembly is limited to fixing the sign on the vehicle as well as the passage of cable between the Panel and the regulator

Colle de montage

coins de fixations panneaux solaires camping car

4 corners of fasteners to install a solar panel on the roof of a camping car,.


Corners stick on the roof of the RV with the supplied glue and the Panel is screwed on them.


The panels are raised a few centimetres, which allows good ventilation of these and to minimize losses due to high temperatures.





câble solaire


The kit is equipped with all the cables necessary for its operation:

- 5 m cable solar double 4 mm² insulation with connectors {linkpopup id = 'mc4'} set.
Expected to connect the Panel to the charge controller. {Linkpopup id = 'mc4'} connectors guarantee a waterproof connection between the Panel and the cable, and also allow to remove it very easily  

-battery cable 2 m with pod battery set are also planned. 

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Number of panels2 panels
Type of needCamping-car / Boat
Output Kit voltage12V
Battery storageWithout storage
Wind TurbinWithout
Batterykit without battery
Inverter power- de 1000VA
Grid reinjectionoff-grid