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Morningstar Tristar TS60-MPPT Charge Regulator

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Morningstar 600V's MPPT 600V High Voltage Charge Controller can be used with more photovoltaic voltage (PV) tables, wind turbines or hydroelectric systems.

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TriStar MPPT high voltage solar controller


Morningstar 600V's MPPT 600V High Voltage Charge Controller can be used with more photovoltaic voltage (PV) tables, wind turbines or hydroelectric systems.

This product allows for the following application scenarios:

Added incremental modules without any sizing chain problems
Off-grid PV, wind or hydroelectric systems with input voltages greater than 150V
Fewer combined circuits and low current for long wire works from the chart to the controller
The installation of new grid systems - PV tie with backup battery
The modernization of grid-tie photovoltaic systems to include a backup battery without changing the configuration of the photovoltaic generator
Additional charge for AC-coupled photovoltaic systems

High voltage capacity


Maximum entry tension of 600 V
Works with Voc photovoltaic voltages up to 525 Voc
Wind, hydraulic operating voltages up to 500 Vdc
Pre-set for 48 Vdc battery systems
Programmable for 24V, 36V and 60V battery systems
Allows long short wire from the network to the controller
Too much voltage reduces voltage drop and wire costs
No combination box required for single-chain or two-chain systems
Better allows PV grid systems - tie with backup battery
Makes PV more PV network expansion than low voltage systems and can accommodate increasing loads
Supports PV, wind, other solar-based battery systems and high voltage Hydro Power DC

Maximise the energy harvested


Our MPPT TrakStarTM technology features:
Better peak tracking of power point than other MPPT load controllers
Very fast scanning of all photovoltaics
Recognition of multiple power points during shading or mixed photovoltaic panels
Low-voltage entry operation
Excellent performance at low lift sunstroke levels

Extremely high reliability


Robust thermal design and no cooling fans
No moving parts
Protection from higher voltage lightning / lightning-induced current spikes nearby
Extended electronic protections
Epoxy inductances and circuit boards in a complianten encapsulated coat

Very high efficiency


97.9% peak efficiency
Proprietary Tracking Algorithm Minimizes Power Loss
Self-low consumption
Continuous de-operation rate at full power at 45 degrees Celsius of ambient temperatures without the need for
Electronic devices with higher grades to minimize heating losses

Communication capabilities


Allows system monitoring, data recording and adaptability. Uses MODBUS™ open standard and MS View Morningstar software
Meterbus: Communications between Morningstar-compatible products
RS-232 and EIA-485 series connectivity
Ethernet: fully the web-enabled interface to a local network or on the internet; see from a web browser or send an email

Other features


Decreasing voltage barrier improves safety
Available with Option Disconnect Box: 600V PV sectioner, battery cutting and pre-wired input/omnibus exit bars
Available with DC transfer switch option to switch from a GT chain inser to backup battery charge during a power outage


State-of-the-art efficiency97,90%
Maximum battery current60A
Maximum operating input15A
Maximum solar voltage (Voc)600 V
Minimum operating tension 9v
Tension of the circuit48V
Running battery Tension range16-72 Vdc
PV Entry Running Voltage Range100V to 525V Voc


Voltage12V / 24V