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Hoppecke Battery OPzV solar.power


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Solar battery Hoppecke OPzV solar.power

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Hoppecke OPzV

hoppecke opzv

The 'linkpopup id'opzv' batteries are based on the electrolyte-fixing tubular plate technology in the form of gel. These batteries are maintenance-free thanks to their sealed construction. Tubular plates offer a very high life expectancy to these batteries.
The product range 'linkpopup id'opzv'
is optimal for application in high-release areas such as solar systems as well as for long discharge operations for example in IT/telecom. or security lighting applications.



  • Use of optimal space - by horizontal and vertical setting
  • No maintenance in water filling - by innovative gel technology
  • Very good cycle stability during use in PSoC1 - by tubular plate design allows for an efficient charging current
  • Maximum compatibility - measures compliant with DIN 40742
  • Short-circuit security reinforced from assembly - by the use of HOPPECKE system connectors



  • On-grid and off-grid energy use
  • Drinking water treatment system
  • Medical treatment equipment
  • Signage, lighting
  • Mobile radio stations
  • BTS Stations
  • Off-grid/networked energy processing systems



Life expectancy up to 1500 cycles at 80% discharge depth.

Duration of cycle retention depending on the capacity taken 

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Technical features


Battery typeC100/1.85V


Max weight KgLength L max. MrWidth l max.MrHeight H max. MrFig.
4 OPzV solar.power 250286.9263.5243.0204.1188.718.3105208420Has
5 OPzV solar.power 310358.6329.3303.8255.1235.822.3126th208420Has
6 OPzV solar.power 370430.3395.2364.6306.1283.026.5147208420Has
5 OPzV solar.power 420478.2452.9427.8391.4346.129.9126th208535Has
6 OPzV solar.power 520573.9543.4513.4469.7415.335.1147208535Has
7 OPzV solar.power 620669.5634.0599.0548.0484.542.1168208535Has
6 OPzV solar.power 750847.3802.2762.1682.0595.048.7147208710Has
8 OPzV solar.power 10001129.81069.61016.2909.3793.365.9215193710b
10 OPzV solar.power 12501412.21337.01270.21136.7991.780.5215235710b
12 OPzV solar.power 15001694.71604.41524.21364.01190.094.6215277710b
10 OPzV solar.power 17001955.01870.01784.91544.61371.9110.0215277855b
16 OPzV solar.power 23002606.72493.32379.82059.51829.2152.9215400815c
20 OPzV solar.power 29003258.33116.72974.82574.32286.5186.5215490815D
24 OPzV solar.power 35003910.03740.03569.83089.22743.8222.3215580815D

C100, C50, C24, C10 and C5 - 100, 50, 24, 10 and 5 hours

- in accordance with DIN 40742 these data are to be understood as the maximum values