SolarFam SX 12.8V 100Ah lithium battery

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More efficient, secure and environmentally friendly

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Benefits of the product


Longer lifespan

Lifespan at 80% of discharge depth (DoD)
Lifespan at 50% of discharge depth (DoD) LiFePO4 Battery
The top lid is removable, making it easier to maintain the battery.


Super-secure Lihtium Technology (LifePO4)

Stable chemical composition - LiFePO4, no gas, no danger of explosion or fire.
An integrated battery management system (BMS) prevents premature failure due to environmental influences or misuse in advance.


Standard-sized design

Perfect replacement of the AGM/GEL battery without changing the original charging/unloading structure.



Light weight

Reducing the weight of more than half the weight compared to the AGM/GEL battery



Greater useful capacity

Discharge depth up to 90% discharge depth, about 40% more than the AGM/GEL battery.


Wider operating temperature


Range -20C... -60C



Low self-discharge

Only about 3% per month for storage/non-use


Practical monitoring and maintenance monitoring


Dedicated smartphone app to monitor battery status via Bluetooth.

The top lid is removable, making it convenient for battery maintenance.




BMS protection


Each SX12V100Ah has a built-in battery management system that protects the battery from extreme cases.



Electrical featuresNominal tension 12.8V
Nominal capacity 100Ah
energy 1280Wh
Life cycle3000 cycles at 0.2 C 80% DOD
Month of self-discharge 3 per cent
Load efficiency 99% -0.2C
Efficiency of discharge96-99%-0.5C
Standard ChargeLoad voltage14.6 - 0.2 V
Charge ModeCC/CV
Charge current20A
Max. Charge current100A
Load cut voltage14.6 - 0.2 V
Standard dischargeDc100A
Maximum pulse current.105A
Discharge cut voltage215
Discharge depth90% DOD
environmentTemperature Charge0 C to 55 (32F to 131F) - 60 - 25% relative humidity 
Discharge temperature -20 C to 60 (-4F to 140F) - 60 - 25% relative humidity
Storage temperature -20 C to 45 (-4F to 113F) - 60 - 25% relative humidity
IP classIP65
mechanicalPlastic box ABS - PC (the top hood can be removed for maintenance) 
weight13.8 kg
Size350mm x 171mm x 206mm
Package size410mm x 230mm x 280mm
Applicationssetting upParallel connection
spot checkIntegrated Battery Management System (BMS)
watchingBluetooth monitoring, smartphone app


Battery capacity100Ah
Width350 mm
Height206 mm
Thickness171 mm

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