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Batterie OPTIMA RED TOP RT S 3.7 12V - 44Ah


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The REDTOP® provides the appropriate power requirements for a wide range of applications

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" Batterie OPTIMA RED "




  • Strong starting burst
  • Up to two times longer life
  • More than 15 times the vibration resistance
  • Spillproof, mountable in virtually any position
  • Maintenance-free
  • Faster recharging
  • Optimal starting power
  • Works well as a motorcycle battery or truck battery

The REDTOP® high-performance AGM battery is the ultimate starting battery designed to deliver a powerful burst of ignition power for a reliable start-up every time, whether it's used as a truck battery, automotive battery, or for other applications. The REDTOP will outperform and outlast traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications. With impressive high-power delivery and extreme resistance to the most common causes of battery failure, the REDTOP is ideal for trucks, SUVs, hot rods, street cars and other applications that require a spillproof starting battery. Its reputation as a truck battery or automotive battery is unsurpassed.


The REDTOP® provides the appropriate power requirements for a wide range of applications: trucks, SUVs, farm and construction equipment, emergency vehicles, generators and streetcars. It is designed to provide power to the greatest possible initial startup, for a smooth start every time.
OPTIMA® REDTOP® batteries are ready for immediate use. Providing exceptional power within seconds of startup, REDTOP batteries feature SPIRALCELL® technology and are ideal for applications where it is a priority. Today, OPTIMA batteries REDTOP conquered the dual market for agricultural machinery and construction machinery. However, their performance is also excellent on emergency vehicles, generators and streetcars. The self-discharge of the battery REDTOP rate is extremely low, which means that after a long period of storage without use, it is still able to start your engine. This improves productivity by reducing maintenance time and cost of engine repair.

Nevertheless, the OPTIMA battery REDTOP offers more than just starting, however powerful it. It lasts three times longer than other batteries, it has a vibration resistance up to 15 times higher, it does not leak, its SpiralCell technology ensures the lowest internal resistance of all lead-acid batteries currently available on the market. As for his ability to reload it is exceptionally fast, enabling rapid recovery of tension, through both short walk. To summarize, this battery is solid as a rock ... Its power and longevity are characteristics that you can rely with confidence

Long shelf life

OPTIMA batteries are ideal for vehicles that are used seasonally
because of their low self-discharge rate. All batteries that sit unused
for extended periods of time will begin to lose charge. But OPTIMA
batteries retain a significantly greater amount of power, enough to
start large vehicles like tractors, harvesters and recreational vehicles
even after a long winter of no use.

Red: Optima Redtop
Yellow: OptimaYellowTop
Grey: Traditional battery



More starting power

OPTIMA® batteries deliver a higher level of power to the starter in the critical first 10 seconds of the vehicle starting cycle.

Red: Optima Redtop
Yellow: OptimaYellowTop
Grey: Traditional battery


Up to 2 times longer life


Damage from heat is the leading cause of battery failure. Even in high heat environments,
OPTIMA batteries can outlast traditional batteries by up to 2 times.


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