RebelCell 12V 70Ah Lithium battery


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Solar batteries Lithium LiFePO4 12V 70Ah


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12V 70Ah



Battery Li - ion 12V 70 AV with digital indicator of the State of the charger, for use in the following applications:

  • Angling : 12 V electric motor, sounder, energy water needs.
  • Electric boat: propulsion of an electric motor 12 V up to 55 lbs (for example, power barges, dinghies, etc.).
  • Leisure : battery service for yachts, boats, motor, mobile homes and caravans.

Key benefits


  • Compact and lightweight: the battery weighs only 6.5 kg
  • Performance maximum : thrust constant even when the battery is almost empty, discharge (up to 100%) without negative effects on performance or life cycle
  • Friendly: Lightweight and compact, LED charge status indicator, can be used with «standard» AC - DC converters
  • Easy loading: reloaded quickly and between charges (full charge in 4-5 hours). Can also be loaded with solar panels (special solar charge controller required).
  • Reliable with a long service life: built-in protection against abuses (against deep discharge, surge, high temperatures, etc.) via BMS and service life up to 10 years.
  • 2 years warranty


Technical specifications

Technical specifications

12V70 AV

ChemistryLithium ion
Voltage12, 6V
Capacity (C1 - C20)70Ah
EqPb (equivalent lead-acid)so 130Ah
Nominal power836 Wh
Maximum discharge continues60A
Maximum discharge (10 sec)75A
Life cycle (#charges) (@ 80% DoD)~ 1500
Life cycle (#charges) (@ 100% DoD)~ 1000
Dimensions195 x 130 x 155 mm
Weight~ 6,5 kG
Energy density~ 104 Wh / kG
 Electronics & BMS  
Voltage of bandwidth9.0V ~ 12.6V
Temperature load0 ~ 45 ° C
Discharge temperature-20 ~ 60 ° C
Storage temperature-20 ~ 45 ° C
Load profileCC / CV
Maximum charge current35A
Integrated cell balancingYes
Temperature protectionYes
Maximum discharge current protectionYes
Protection high voltageYes
Protection low voltageYes
Protection and certification 
Standards (IEC 529)IP54
Certificate CEYes
warranty2 years


Battery capacity40 Ah