SMA Sunny Multigate communication gateway


Sunny Multigate SMA is the communication unit and the connection point between the PV system and the network. It is essential in a system with several micro-inverters Sunny Boy 240.

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" SMA Sunny Multigate



Sunny Multigate



Sunny Multigate is necessary in an installation with several 240 Sunny Boy micro-inverters.

Micro-inverters system are more flexible: it is easy to add or reorganise the panels following to the energy consumption evolution or budget possibilities.

The micro inverter SMA Sunny Boy 240 is ideal for small photovoltaic systems but also for installations that have certain characteristics such as partial shading, roofs with multiple orientation.

 System reliability is optimized as a result of Sunny Multigate technology :

Exemple de raccordment micro onduleur Sunny boy de SMA

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