36X JNL Solar Climax Solar Panel 400 Wp JLS108MFB

JNL Solar

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JNL Solar, a superior module thanks to its high-performance design.

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36 x JNL Solar Climax Solar Panel 400 wp JLS108MFB

JNL Solar, a high-quality module thanks to its high-performance design


For your information: It is preferable to choose pallet packaging (no-express carrier) for panel shipments to avoid the risk of damage during transport.


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Extensive experience in technology, constant innovation and sustainable optimization form the basis for the performance of high-quality modules. JNL Solar ensures all stages of construction at its production site, guaranteeing our customers optimal quality for every step, from assembly to finishing.

The modules are extremely versatile in their use. They offer adequate solutions for any installation and sustainable performance around the world.


JNL-ICON-1A neat and elegant design, for a perfect integration on the roof a photovoltaic module entirely black from the cell to the frame.



Extra performance and easy maintenance thanks to the highly transparent self-cleaning glass.


JNL-ICON-3Long-lasting safety and guaranteed state-of-the-art performance. 25 years performance warranty and 25 years product warranty.



A front panel equipped with an anti-reflective coating.



JNL-ICON-5High conversion efficiency thanks to high-quality modules and advanced cell technology.


JNL-ICON-6PID resistance and verified hotspot protection and rigorous production process.



Ideal for private or commercial installations. High power reduces installation costs.



JNL-ICON-8High reliability thanks to rigorous quality control. More than 30 internal tests (UV, HF, and many others). Our tests go beyond the certification requirements.


JNL-ICON-9Our panels are tested and certified to withstand extreme environmental conditions: wind loads (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa).



25 years product and performance warranty.


Linear performance guarantee

JNL production


JNL Solar 400 Dimension



Electrical characteristics
Power at maximum power point (Pmax)400 Wp
No-load voltage (Voc)36.93 V
Power Point Voltage (Vmpp)30.83 V
Short-circuit current (Isc)13.76 A
Current at the point of maximum power (Imp)12.98 A
Module Performance20,46%
Power tolerance0 -+ 5W
Maximum system voltageDC 1500V (TUV) / 1000V (UL)
Maximum gauge of the standard fuse25 A
Mechanical characteristics
Dimension1724 x 1134 x 30 mm
Weight21.5 kg
CellsMonocrystal Silicone 182mm x 91mm
Front3.2 mm
FrameAnodized aluminum alloy
Junction boxIP68
Cable4mm², 1100mm
ConnectorType MC4
Operating temperature-40 +- 85°C
CertificationsIEC 61215-1:2016 - IEC 61215-1-1:2016 - IEC 61215-2:2016 - IEC 61730-1:2016 - IEC 61730-2:2016 - EN 61215-1:2016 -
EN 61215-1-1:2016 - EN 61215-2:2017 - EN IEC 61730-1:2018 - EN IEC 61730-1:2018/AC:2018-06 - EN IEC
61730-2:2018 - EN IEC 61730-2:2018/AC:2018-0