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10A charge regulator
Adopts an aluminum heat sink that allows high reliability in high temperature environments.

PWM solar regulators protect your batteries from discharge and overload, ensuring that their lifespan is optimized. 


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charge regulator epever pwm 10AThe model 10A (LS1024B) can accommodate up to 250 watts of solar panels

Capacity: 10, 20 or 30 amps.
Tension: 12v or 24V
Temperature compensation 
2-year warranty.
Technology: 'linkpopup id'pwm'.
Fully programmable if used with its display

All load voltages can be changed between 9 and 17V (X2 for 24V), disconnection voltage also.
Programming the consumer output in a day/night or hourly mode.

In a 24V system

Many applications


Suitable for many applications: solar system for housing, solar lighting system, solar monitoring system, solar system for boat or motorhome.

charge regulator epever pwm 10A



  • System voltage configuration: 12V/24V automatic 
  • High load efficiency 'linkpopup id'pwm' with temperature compensation 
  • 2 LEDs that indicate charging status and battery status
  • Outdoor temperature probe interface 
  • Communication bus 'linkpopup id'rs485'
  • Optional external display for accurate device control
  • Software update function

Electronic protections


  • Short circuit PV
  • Overload
  • Short charging circuit
  • PV Polarity Reversal
  • Discharge 
  • Battery polarity reversal
  • Overheating

Technical data


Nominal system tension12/24VDC12/24VDC
Rated battery current10A



Maximum PV input voltage40w
Self-sommation8.4mA (12V)?7.8mA (24V)
Temperature compensation-3mV/?/2V?25? Ref?
Equalizing load voltageSealed: 14.6V, open: 14.8V, User: 9-17V
Increased load voltageGel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.6V, open: 14.8V, User: 9-17V
Floating charge voltageFreeze /Sealed /open: 13.8V, User: 9-17V
Reconnection tensionFreeze /Sealed /open: 12.6V, User: 9-17V
disconnection tensionFreeze /Sealed /open: 11.1V, User: 9-17V
Mounting holes126mm147x50mm190x70mm
Running temperature-35?
Storage temperature-35?
Humidity?95% (NC)




Please download the latest version of the regulator management software

Theoretical charge of a lead battery


graph of lead battery operation


The theoretical charge of a lead battery is done in three phases:

Phase 1 : Current is limited to a rate of about 1/5 of the nominal capacity. The voltage gradually increases until it reaches its maximum regulated threshold of 2.35V/elements.

Phase 2 :: The load voltage is regulated at 2.35V/elements, the charge current then decreases until it becomes less than C/100. The battery is charged at the end of this phase

Phase 3 Once the battery is charged, we switch to maintenance charge mode (Floating) to keep it at 100% charge. The voltage then applied to the battery will be around 2.26V/elements

Recommended accessory


More features with MT50 display 

epsolar display


Choosing the different modes of control of the 12/24V output:

- Manual ON/OFF,
- Light ON / OFF, 
-ON Light - Timer,
Schedule alone

Selecting the type and capacity of the battery

Possible change of all load voltages 

Real-time monitoring of the entire facility

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Prix raisonable pour de la bonne qualite
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Excellent produit mais il n'est pas précisé que pour le paramétrer il faut également commander l'affichage digital pour contrôleur EpSolar LS
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Bon produit notice un succinct
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Simple a raccorder (fiabilité a voir a l'usage).


Charge power10A
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage50 V