Epever PWM LS1024EU 12V / 24V - 10A with USB output


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10A LandStar Serie Epsolar controller 12V/ 24V.

New generation programmable solar charge controller. Ideal for small solar system such as home system.

USB Output : 1,2A /5V


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" Solar regulator LS1024EU - 10A with USB output" 


Epsolar’s new generation programmable solar charge controller 10A. Adopt aluminum heat sink which enables the reliability in high temperature enviroments.



  • Capacity: 10A
  • Operating voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Temperature compensation
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Technology: PWM
  • USB output 1,2A / 5V

The theoretical charging of a lead acid battery operates in three phases

graph of lead battery operation



- Phase 1: the current is limited to a rate of about 1/5 of the rated capacity. The voltage increases gradually until it reaches its maximum regulated threshold to 2.35 V / element.

- Phase 2 : the charging voltage is regulated to 2.35 V / element, the charging current then decreases to less than C/100. This phase should last up to 20 hours, the voltage must not stay above 2.26 V longer. The battery is chargedat the end of this phase

- Phase 3: once the battery is charged (after about 20 hours of charging) it switches to trickle charge (Floating) to keep it at 100% load. Then the voltage applied to the battery is around 2.26 V / element.


  • Solar home systempwm 10A with USB output
  • Solar lighting system
  • Solar road signals
  • Solar surveillance
  • Solar RVs and boats
  • Small solar power station



  • Three system voltage configuration : 12V, 24V or 12V/24V auto work 
  • High efficiency PWM charging with temperature compensation
  • 3 LEDs shows PV charging, battery and load status
  • External temperature sensor interface
  • RS-485 bus communication
  • Open standard Modbus communication protocol
  • Software update function
  • USB output 1,2A / 5V

Electronic protections


  • PV array short circuit
  • Overcharge 
  • Load short circuit
  • PV reverse polarity
  • High voltage transients
  • Over discharge  
  • Load overload 
  • Battery reverse polarity
  • Overheating


Nominal system voltage12/24VDC
Rated battery current10A
Maximum PV input voltage50V
Temp. compensation-5mV/℃/2V (ref)
Equalize charging voltageGel : / , Sealed: 14.6V,  Flooded: 14.8V
Boost charging voltageGel: 14.2V,  Sealed: 14.4V,  Flooded: 14.6V
Float charging voltageGel /Sealed /Flooded: 13.8V
Low voltage reconnect voltageGel /Sealed /Flooded: 12.6V
Low voltage disconnect voltageGel /Sealed /Flooded: 11.1V
Mounting holes111.5mm
Working temperature-35?~+55?
Storage temperature-35?~+80?
Humidity?95% (NC)

LS1024EU scheme

Monitor software 


Please, download the last version of the monitor software here



Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage50 V
Max. current10 A