Epever VS-AU Series VS2024AU 12/24 V 20A


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The ViewStar AU controller is a PWM charge controller with integrated LCD display that adopts the most advanced digital technology. The multiple charge control modes allow it to be widely used on solar home systems, traffic lights, solar street lights, solar garden lamps, etc.

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VS-AU Series VS2024AU 12/24 V 20A


The VS-AU series is a PWM charge controller with LCD screen and two USB ports. When the gap between the operating voltage of the solar panel and the battery voltage is not large, the choice of this PWM series is an equally reliable but more cost-effective solution. It is widely applied to rural electrification and domestic power systems, etc.,




• Series PWM charging mode
• Full power working at working temperature range
• Multiple load control modes
• Adopt high quality, high-reliability international brand components
• Dual USB design
• LCD display design segment
• Real time energy statistics function
• Extensive electronic protection


Technical characteristics


Rated system voltage12/24VDC Auto
Battery type
Sealed (default)/Freeze/Flooded
Battery input voltage range9V~32V
Nominal charging current20A
Rated discharge current20A
PV Open Circuit Voltage201
Equalization voltage
Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V
Amplification voltage
Floating voltage
Low voltage reconnection voltage
Low voltage disconnection voltage
USB output
Temperature compensation
Relative humidity≤95%, N.C.
GroundingCommon positive
Operating temperature range'-25°C~+55°C
Net weight0.35kg


Length160 mm
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage9V~32V
Open circuit voltage (Voc)50 V
Width94,9 mm
Height49,3 mm
Charging current20 A