Epever IPowerPlus ip500-12-Plus series 12V 500W


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IPower-Plus is a pure sine wave high-frequency inverter that can convert 12/24/48VDC to 220/230V AC (or 110V/120V AC) and power AC loads. 110V/120V AC) and power AC loads. It is designed according to the international standard with superior quality, reliability and safety. With a power of 500W to 5000W, Ipower-Plus is perfectly compatible with lithium-ion batteries and is suitable for all situations of conversion of direct current to alternating current. perfectly and suitable for any situation from DC to AC, such as RVs, boats, residences, and places that require high quality electrical power. high quality electric.

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IPower-Plus IP500-12-Plus 12V 500W


IPower Plus is a new generation of pure sine wave inverter compatible with the lithium battery system.
This new inverter adopts shock current suppression technology to effectively prevent shock current from damaging lithium battery cells and the BMS (Battery Management System). In addition, the adoption of the dual closed-loop voltage and current control algorithm gives the inverter a faster response and better resistance to the impact of the load. The inverter selects key components with high power density and long service life to provide stable and durable operation.
long service life to ensure stable and reliable power supply. Optional communication solutions allow users to monitor status in real time or change settings wherever they are.
Inverter can be widely used in DC to AC domains, such as AC solar power systems, vehicle systems, recreational vehicles, etc. e system, VR power supply, safety monitoring system, emergency lighting system, field power system, home power system, etc. home power system, etc. With an excellent EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) feature, the inverter is also suitable for high-quality power occasions. the inverter is also suitable for situations where energy quality requirements are high.




• Pure sinusoidal output
• Electrical input-output insulation
• Dual closed-loop digital control of voltage and current
• Input surge current suppression for lithium battery systems
• Input surge current suppression technology to support lithium battery system
• Output power factor up to 1
• Simple system wiring and 180-degree rotating LCD display
• Input protection: reverse polarity, low voltage, overvoltage
• Output protection: overload, short circuit, overheating
• Phone and PC remote control via RS485 port
• Additional external switch port
• Safety (EN/IEC62109) and EMC approved by international standards


Technical characteristics


Continuous output power500W
Surge power1000W@5S
Surge current when powering on<50A
Output voltage
220 VAC (±3%); 230VAC(-7%~+3%)
Output frequency50/60Hz±0.2%
Output wave
Pure sine wave
THD output distortion
THD≤3% (resistive load)
Charging power factor
0.2-1 (VA load ≤ continuous output power)
Nominal input voltage12 VDC
Input voltage range
10.8~16.0 VDC
Rated output efficiency> 89.5%
Max. output efficiency
> 90% (40% expenses)
No-load current<0.9A
USB output5VDC/Max.1A
communication RS485. Port5VDC/200mA
Dimension (WxWxH)
286 × 163.5 × 78 mm
Mount dimensionsΦ5mm
Net weight2.2 kg
Operating temperature range
'-20°C~+60°C(Refer to the downgrade curve)
Relative humidity< 95% (NC)


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très bien pour les batteries LiFePO4


Length286 mm
Weight2,2 kg
Width163,5 mm
Height78 mm