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CU-ALL2 SRNE remote control


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Remote control for MPPT Smart Gen4 solar charge controller with Step-up LED driver


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CU-ALL2 SRNE remote control


Main features

  • Two remote control modes - infrared and wireless - are available, and the distance from the wireless remote control is adjustable.
  • Wireless remote control signals have excellent penetration and anti-interference capability.
  • Data communication adopts a multi-time handshake protocol and a data compression algorithm, allowing for accurate and fast data transmission.
  • Powered by two AA batteries.
  • Includes an LCD screen that displays settings and other information.
  • Automatically goes into sleep mode after 65 seconds of inactivity, and wakes up awakened by the press of a key.
  • Power consumption in standby mode is ultra low, with a current as low as 0.2uA.
  • Wake up quickly from sleep mode.
  • Displays the battery level.
  • Designed with ergonomics in mind and suitable for manual use.



BatteriesAA x 2
Supply voltage3.0V
Effective scope8m (infrared remote control) - 15m (wireless remote control)
Standby power consumption< 0.2uA
Normal power consumption5mA
Transient power consumption at the transmission point< 50mA
Power consumption of the backlight< 15mA
Size122 x 61.5 x 22 mm
Weight60g (without batteries)
Non-working time before automatic power off65s
Backlight duration10s
Number of batteries 2000mAH installed50000 (backlight and light completely off)
Operating temperatureFrom -25 to 55°C

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