Solar controller SRNE PWM HC 12/24V 10A View full size

Solar controller SRNE PWM HC 12/24V 10A


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The new SRNE range offers you its PWM solar controllers with automatic detection of the system voltage (12/24V), adequate protections for your photovoltaic system and an efficient algorithm for the right balance of your batteries.

PWM solar controllers protect your batteries from discharge and overcharging, ensuring they are maximized. 

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Solar controller SRNE PWM HC 12/24V 10A

Its strengths

The voltages of the 12V / 24 V system are automatically recognized.

The SRNE HC solar controller has an improved 3-step PWM charging algorithm. Periodic application of an equalization charge to the battery or during excessive discharge can effectively prevent the battery from not equalizing and causing sulfurization, which increases the battery life.

With the temperature compensation used, the load parameters can be adjusted automatically.

A wide range of charging operating modes make it easy to apply the controller to different types of charging.

PWN HC regulator provides protection

  • against overload
  • against under-tension
  • against overcurrent
  • against short circuits
  • TVS against lightning

Thanks to an advanced method of starting the load, high-capacity loads can be started smoothly.

The user-friendly design of the browser and dynamic interfaces on the LCD screen ensures convenient and intuitive operations.

With its industrial-grade design, the product can work in various harsh conditions.



System voltage 12V / 24V
Voltage range battery operation 8 - 32 V
Rated currentLoad10 A
Load10 A
Maximum PV input voltage 50V, turn on protection and stop charging. Below 45V, the charge resumes.
Charging mode The fault is PWM load, b04/b07 can be set for intermittent charging.
USB output 5V/2A
Static power consumption ≤ 10mA
Operating temperature -35 -+60°C
Altitude ≤ 3000m
IP Rating IP32
Product size 120 x 75 x 34 mm
Installation size 108.5 x 58.5 mm
Weight 130 g



Charge power10A