Epever LS1024EU PWM 12V / 24V with USB output


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10A charge controller. Series LandStar Epever EU - 12V / 24V.
He has the distinction of having a USB 1.2 A /5V output. 
Ideal for small solar installations.



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Epever LS1024EU PMW 12V/24V with USB output



  • Capacity: 10 amps
  • Tension: 12v or 24V
  • This regulator can accommodate up to 250 watts of solar panels (in a 24V system)
  • Temperature compensation 
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Technology: {linkpopup id = 'pwm'}
  • Exit USB 1.2 has / 5V


All the tensions of charges can be changed from 9 to 17V (X 2 for 24V), disconnection voltage also
Programming of output consumer according to a day/night or a time mode

Theoretical load of a lead-acid battery

graphique fonctionnement batterie plomb

The theoretical load of a lead battery is carried out in 3 phases 

Phase 1: The current is limited to a rate of about 1/5 of the nominal capacity. The tension increases gradually until you reach its maximum threshold regulated 2, 35V/elements.

Phase 2: The load voltage is regulated at 2, 35V/elements, the load current decreases so until becoming less than C/100. The battery is charged at the end of this phase.

Phase 3: Once the battery is charged, it enters mode (Floating) trickle charge to keep it at 100% load. The voltage applied to the battery will be around 2, 26V/elements.

pwm 10A avec sortie USB



Ideal for small solar as systems for example:

  • Home
  • Solar lighting system
  • Solar monitoring system
  • Solar system for ship
  • Small solar power plant



  • Configuration of system voltage: 12V/24V auto 
  • High efficiency load {linkpopup id = 'pwm'} with temperature compensation 
  • 2 LED indicating the charge status and battery status
  • Interface to external temperature probe 
  • Communication bus {linkpopup id = 'rs485'}
  • The software update function
  • USB output to charge a mobile phone, for example a fan or other electric device.

Electronic protections


  • Short circuit PV
  • Overload
  • Load short circuit
  • Polarity PV
  • Discharge
  • Polarity of the batteries
  • Overheating

Technical data


Nominal voltage of the system12/24VDC
Nominal current from the battery10A
Maximum PV input voltage50V
Temperature compensation-5mV/℃/2V (ref)
Equalizing charge voltageGel: /, sealed: 14, 6V, open: 14, 8V
Increase of the load voltageGel: 14, 2V, seal: 14, 4V, open: 14, 6V
Floating charge voltageGel seal / open: 13, 8V
Reconnection voltageGel seal / open: 12, 6V
disconnect voltageGel seal / open: 11, 1V
Dimensions120, 3 x 67 x 21, 8mm
Mounting holes111.5 mm
Terminal4.5 mm 2
Weight0.10 kg
Operating temperature-35? ~ + 55?
Storage temperature-35? ~ + 80?
Moisture? 95% (NC)


 Installation example 

LS1024EU schema



Please download the latest version of the the controller management software

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Très satisfait
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  •  the 10/03/2020
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super petit régulateur, et de bons conseils de l'équipe sur place.A voir la tenue dans le temps.... Prix égal voire moins cher que les ténors de la vente en ligne. Bref, très content
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 25/08/2017
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très simple à installer fait bien le boulot
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corespond tres bien a la description


Charge power10A
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage50 V
Max. current10 A