Epever LS1012EU PWM 12V / 24V with USB output


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10A charge controller. Series LandStar Epever EU - 12V / 24V.
He has the distinction of having a USB 1.2 A /5V output. 
Ideal for small solar installations.



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Epever LS1012EU PMW 12V/24V with USB output



  • Capacity: 10 amps
  • Tension: 12v or 24V
  • This regulator can accommodate up to 250 watts of solar panels (in a 24V system)
  • Temperature compensation 
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Technology: {linkpopup id = 'pwm'}
  • Exit USB 1.2 has / 5V


All the tensions of charges can be changed from 9 to 17V (X 2 for 24V), disconnection voltage also
Programming of output consumer according to a day/night or a time mode

Theoretical load of a lead-acid battery

graphique fonctionnement batterie plomb

The theoretical load of a lead battery is carried out in 3 phases 

Phase 1: The current is limited to a rate of about 1/5 of the nominal capacity. The tension increases gradually until you reach its maximum threshold regulated 2, 35V/elements.

Phase 2: The load voltage is regulated at 2, 35V/elements, the load current decreases so until becoming less than C/100. The battery is charged at the end of this phase.

Phase 3: Once the battery is charged, it enters mode (Floating) trickle charge to keep it at 100% load. The voltage applied to the battery will be around 2, 26V/elements.

pwm 10A avec sortie USB



Ideal for small solar as systems for example:

  • Home
  • Solar lighting system
  • Solar monitoring system
  • Solar system for ship
  • Small solar power plant



  • Configuration of system voltage: 12V/24V auto 
  • High efficiency load {linkpopup id = 'pwm'} with temperature compensation 
  • 2 LED indicating the charge status and battery status
  • Interface to external temperature probe 
  • Communication bus {linkpopup id = 'rs485'}
  • The software update function
  • USB output to charge a mobile phone, for example a fan or other electric device.

Electronic protections


  • Short circuit PV
  • Overload
  • Load short circuit
  • Polarity PV
  • Discharge
  • Polarity of the batteries
  • Overheating

Technical data


Nominal voltage of the system12/24VDC
Nominal current from the battery10A
Maximum PV input voltage50V
Temperature compensation-5mV/℃/2V (ref)
Equalizing charge voltageGel: /, sealed: 14, 6V, open: 14, 8V
Increase of the load voltageGel: 14, 2V, seal: 14, 4V, open: 14, 6V
Floating charge voltageGel seal / open: 13, 8V
Reconnection voltageGel seal / open: 12, 6V
disconnect voltageGel seal / open: 11, 1V
Dimensions120, 3 x 67 x 21, 8mm
Mounting holes111.5 mm
Terminal4.5 mm 2
Weight0.10 kg
Operating temperature-35? ~ + 55?
Storage temperature-35? ~ + 80?
Moisture? 95% (NC)


 Installation example 

LS1024EU schema



Please download the latest version of the the controller management software

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Charge power10A
Voltage12V / 24V
Maximum PV input voltage50 V
Max. current10 A