Epsolar Super Parameter Programer


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Used for the parameter sttings of solar charge controller and LED Driver.



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 " Easy to use and practical accessory for controllers and LED Driver "



SPP01 de Epsolar



SPP01 : easy to use and practical

  • For stand-alone and multi-parallel products.
  • Communication : RS232 (TTL), RS485 et USB supported.
  • SPP PC Tools Software is used to configure and backup parameters.
  • Dual power supply : Power supply via battery or micro-USB cable.


Function : Parameter configuration

Load the parameter configuration to the Super Parameter Programers via PC software SPPPCTools. sThen update the settings via the SPP- 01 by simply pressing a single button.


Function: Data transmission

The Super Parameter Programer can be used as a liaison converter to connect the device to the software Solar Monitor Station, to establish a remote system monitoring.



Technical Characteristics

Power Supply Voltage 5.0V
Static Current < 40 mA
Communication Baud 115200bps
Working temperature-25ºC to +55ºC
Dimensions109x60x33 mm
Weight0,8 kg




Epsolar DCCPxxxxDP (R), LSxxxxB (PL), VSxxxxB, TracerxxxxB (PL) and iTracerxxB Serie products are supported to update the configuration by SPP-01.


Download SPP Software


Please, download the software via this link :