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Hoppecke Battery OPzV block solar.power


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Solar battery Hoppecke OPzV block solar.power closed lead for cyclical uses

The batteries are delivered charged and filled.

The junctions necessary to connect your battery fleet are provided. 

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Hoppecke Battery OPzV Block Solar.Power


hoppecke opzv blocThe 'linkpopup id'opzv'' power.block are Gel batteries. 

The tubular plates offer a very high hope of life to these batteries. They are ideal for applications that require a lot of load-discharge cycles (solar applications). These Hoppecke batteries have a long lifespan and are suitable for cycling use.



  • Low maintenance, until no maintenance with the use of Aquagen caps
  • Very good cycle stability during use in PSoC1 - by the tubular design of the plates allows a more efficient charging current
  • Maximum compatibility - measures compliant with DIN 40744
  • Simple assembly and assembly - the battery cover is equipped with a built-in handle system
  • Short-circuit security reinforced from assembly by the use of HOPPECKE system connectors



  • On-grid and off-grid energy use
  • Drinking water treatment system
  • Medical treatment equipment
  • Signage, lighting
  • Mobile radio stations
  • BTS Stations
  • Off-grid/networked energy processing systems



  • Up to 1500 cycles at 80% discharge depth.
  • Up to 8000 cycles at 20% discharge depth.


Duration of life-dependent cycles dependent on the capacity taken

Courbe cyclage Batterie Bloc Solar Power OPzV Hoppecke

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